• Provision and optimize data analytics environments at speed and scale.

      The Dell EMC Elastic Data Platform enables organizations to offer Big Data as a Service in a cloud-like environment to their data scientists, engineers and developers. It is designed for exploratory analytics and flexible workloads, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data engineering, and re-startable production jobs.

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    • Key Benefits

      • Enables provisioning of data and environments in minutes, not months
      • Allows data scientists and the business to get to actionable insights faster 
      • Reduces costs by optimizing the physical big data infrastructure
      • Frees IT resources from tedious manual provisioning processes
    • Essential Resources

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      Elastic Data Platform Solution Overview

      The Elastic Data Platform extends and augments existing data analytics investments with workload-specific infrastructure, intelligent software and end-to-end automation.

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      Strata 2017 Presentation

      Hear about one customer’s journey to enable self-service analytics with the Elastic Data Platform.

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      Big Data InFocus Blogs

      Read more about the Elastic Data Platform along with other Big Data topics and services from our seasoned experts.

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