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    Transform IT and be 3x as likely to reach your digital business goals.1 Modernize with Dell EMC – the #1 in hyper-converged, storage, servers,2 data protection3 and cloud.4 Explore solutions

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    Transform IT like you mean business.

    Drive Revenue and Growth

    See how transforming IT can boost revenue. Get a customized report and action plan from IDC.

    Accelerate Innovation

    Transform IT and complete 3x more IT projects ahead of schedule.6

    Compete and Win

    Collaborate on IT Transformation and be 2x more likely to report a strong competitive position.7

    Speed Development

    Transform IT and be 4x more likely to release applications ahead of schedule.8


    Assess your IT Transformation progress

    Find out your company’s IT Transformation score based on an ESG benchmark study, compare your score to industry peers and get a customized analysis with recommended next steps – all in about 5 minutes.


    Modernize your infrastructure.
    Maximize results.

    Modernize IT to free up your IT budget for innovation, invest in new digital products and services, and grow your business with Dell EMC technology powered by Intel®.


    Hyper-converge. Hyper-simplify. Transform IT.

    Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is the smart, efficient way to modernize and simplify your IT.

    • Accelerate time to value for new IT services

    • Optimize data center operations and improve efficiency

    • Increase speed of business and innovation


    average ROI

    over five years9
    Up to 59%


    cost of operations10

    Fuel IT Transformation in a flash

    Shift 100% of your workloads to All-Flash storage and accelerate business outcomes.

    • Accelerate performance for always-on availability

    • Handle mission-critical and unstructured data workloads

    • See measurable gains in storage cost and efficiency

    Up to 126%


    Lowest $/GB12



    Advanced servers. Accelerated business.

    Optimize traditional and cloud-native applications. Run a modern data center with next-generation Dell EMC PowerEdge servers that accelerate results.

    • Maximize workload performance with a scalable business architecture

    • Automate the entire server lifecycle

    • Protect your organization with integrated security in every server

    Up to 12x


    database performance13
    Up to 61%


    infrastructure cost14

    Data anywhere. Protection everywhere. Transform IT.

    Protect business-critical data wherever it lives with reliable and scalable data protection solutions from Dell EMC.

    • Improve efficiency with leading deduplication rates

    • Cut data protection storage requirements substantially

    • Gain purpose-built, cloud-enabled, software-defined and converged infrastructure-ready protection

    Up to 50%


    storage backup15


    storage protection required on average16

    Cloud results are clear. Transform IT.

    Automate IT service delivery while boosting agility, decreasing risk and streamlining operations with our multi- and hybrid cloud portfolio.

    • Take the fastest path to ITaaS with cloud services

    • Cut annual IT operating costs, reallocate resources for innovation

    • Automate your IT processes to speed business outcomes



    customer acquisition17


    IT infrastructure costs18

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    Essential IT Transformation resources
    Scale for modern workloads

    Improve network performance using open standards for greater agility. Enable faster design, provisioning and management for cloud-based IT services.

    Express Scripts speeds IT Transformation

    See how IT Transformation has enabled a healthcare technology leader to gain efficiency, deliver more value and accelerate growth.

    Tales of IT Transformation
    Dell EMC transforms storage infrastructure

    See how Dell EMC builds one of the world’s largest databases on VMAX All Flash, modernizes data storage and advances IT Transformation.

    Make digital transformation real

    Achieve IT, workforce and security transformation to meet today’s demands. Turn digital transformation into business transformation with Dell Technologies.

    Start your IT Transformation.

    Take the next step in your digital transformation. Contact a Dell EMC specialist below or explore flexible consumption models to reduce capital expenses, free up financial resources and accelerate your digital transformation.

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