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    • Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI include everything you need to accelerate your AI initiatives. Helping make artificial intelligence simpler, these pre-designed and pre-validated solutions are ideal for machine and deep learning so you can get faster, deeper insights into your customers and your business

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      Featured Solution: Hadoop

      Enable machine learning with Hadoop

      For those with data in Hadoop, the design for machine learning with Hadoop leverages your existing infrastructure to take the next step to prescriptive analytics.

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      Featured Solution: NVIDIA

      Accelerate deep learning with NVIDIA

      For those ready for the parallel processing of GPU acceleration, the deep learning with NVIDIA design can catapult you to AI.

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      Implement near-bare-metal performance with Intel

      For those looking for an optimized solution stack that simplifies the entire workflow, the Deep Learning with Intel design includes all the hardware, software and services you need to get up and running quickly.

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    See Where AI Is Making an Impact


      AI in Healthcare and Life Sciences

      The Healthcare and Life Sciences sector relies on AI for

      • Drug interaction
      • Cancer detection
      • Illness prediction
      • Drug discovery
      • Gene mutation
      • Sanitation

      Financial Services

      AI in Financial Services

      • Fraud prevention
      • Risk management
      • Investment predictions
      • Customer service
      • Digital assistants
      • Network security


      AI in Government and Security

      • Facial recognition
      • Video surveillance
      • Cyber security
      • Satellite imagery
      • Event prediction
      • Emergency Services

      Media and Entertainment

      AI in Media and Entertainment

      • Video captioning
      • Content-based search
      • Real-time translation
      • Language processing
      • Content suggestions


      AI in Energy

      • Wind power
      • Solar forecasts
      • Oil production optimization
      • Weather prediction


      AI in Transportation

      • Autonomous vehicles
      • Object detection
      • Traffic patterns
      • Preventative maintenance
      • Risk assessment
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