• Network Attached Storage

    Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Object Storage

    Distributed file and object storage to meet your unstructured data needs

    Dell EMC network-attached storage (NAS) and object storage platforms—powered by Intel® Xeon® processors—support the widest range of enterprise workloads along with the extreme demands of IoT data, high performance computing and data analytics. Meet the burgeoning growth requirements of unstructured data storage and lower costs with highly efficient solutions that integrate easily with the cloud.

  • Distributed file and object storage

    • Network-attached storage (NAS) is used to provide distributed file storage to other devices on an IP network. Scale-out NAS is important because of massive growth in unstructured data and enterprise needs for increased capacity and performance.

    • Object storage is suited for storing and managing unstructured data with public cloud-like scalability and flexibility. An object storage architecture enables practically limitless scalability by managing data as objects in a flat structure.

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    Explore flexible, efficient, cloud-ready Dell EMC storage platforms to cover your distributed file and object storage needs. Scale, manage and protect unstructured data with ease.

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    Isilon scale-out NAS storage


    Industry’s #1 scale-out NAS solution for any file workload, simple to manage at any scale.
    Ideal for wide range of file workloads, high performance computing (HPC), archiving and infrastructure consolidation.
    File, HDFS
    • All-Flash, hybrid, archive models
    • Scales from TBs to PBs within one file system with up to 80% storage efficiency1
    • Automated cloud file tiering and archiving, supports ECS, AWS, Azure, and private clouds
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    ECS object storage


    Cloud-scale globally distributed object storage with low total cost of ownership.
    Ideal for consolidated backup and archive, global content repository, legacy application modernization, cloud-native applications, IoT, big data analytics, machine learning/deep learning, Storage as a Service, hybrid cloud.
    Object, File, HDFS
    • Private cloud target for Unity and Isilon
    • Available as software, appliance, and/or hosted solution
    • Native metadata search
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    Dell EMC Unity

    Dell EMC Unity

    Simple, unified all-flash and hybrid storage with hybrid cloud.
    Ideal for general purpose NAS/SAN mixed workload consolidation, smaller file workloads, transactional databases.
    Unified, Block, File
    • 64-bit file system supports up to 256TB capacity
    • Automated cloud file tiering and archiving, supports ECS, AWS, Azure
    • VMware and Oracle file integration
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    See what our NAS and object storage can do. Start with these featured use case examples.

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