• As an IT Service Administrator, you contend with multiple disconnected tools and processes daily. This leads to a heavy work backlog, stressful fire-fighting, and the dreadful Saturday night text from your boss. Whether you favor a GUI or scripts, you can overcome these challenges with the OpenManage Ecosystem of Integrations and RESTful APIs. The Ecosystem delivers a seamless full-stack management experience through integrations with industry-leading virtualization and cloud management solutions. Here’s to an uninterrupted Saturday night.

    • Key benefits of Dell EMC OpenManage Ecosystem

      • Native PowerEdge management from industry leading consoles
      • Seamless integration of management information
      • Custom scripting into OpenManage Enterprise and iDRAC




      “It’s amazing to have a single pane to manage a hyperconverged solution, Azure Stack HCI, and software to help manage the software. The OpenManage Integration with Windows Admin Center is the last piece that made Azure Stack HCI.”
      -Greg Altman, Swiff-Train Company

    • Management Console Integrations

      Gain full-stack visibility from a single interface using the OpenManage integrations. The OpenManage ecosystem portfolio includes native integrations with industry leading management consoles.


      Dell EMC OpenManage Integration for Microsoft System Center

      OpenManage Integrations for Microsoft System Center enable server and cluster management from within Microsoft System Center consoles and the Microsoft Windows Admin Center browser-based application. These integrations provide visibility and control of hardware infrastructure, operating systems and virtual machines, all from a single interface.

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      Dell EMC OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter

      Streamline management in VMware environments with the Dell EMC OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter. Configure, deploy, update and monitor Dell EMC PowerEdge servers — all within your vCenter console. Experience the unified and comprehensive management of the physical and virtual infrastructure utilizing Dell EMC OpenManage along with VMware vCenter.

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    • OpenManage Integration with ServiceNow

      OpenManage Integration with ServiceNow

      The OpenManage Integration with ServiceNow enables you to streamline IT service administration and reduce risk in your data center. Monitor your entire PowerEdge server infrastructure within the ServiceNow console and automatically identify hardware faults, create cases, and alert Dell EMC SupportAssist Enterprise for service or parts.

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      BMC TrueSight Server Automation and TrueSight Operations Management

      BMC TrueSight Server Automation and TrueSight Operations Management integrates with the Dell EMC integrated Dell Remote Access Controller allowing you to manage your data center with a coherent, integrated solution that reduces complexity and improves the efficiency of your data center operations.

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      Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Modules

      Build your own frameworks, automate and orchestrate the management and provisioning of PowerEdge infrastructure using DevOps and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools. OpenManage Ansible Modules allow administrators to use Red Hat Ansible to automate and orchestrate the provisioning, configuration, deployment, and update of PowerEdge servers using the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller.

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    • OpenManage Connections

      Use OpenManage Connections to extract rich information about the health and behavior of Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and storage to more effectively monitor, manage and troubleshoot Dell EMC systems in multi-vendor hardware, OS, hypervisor and Open Source environments.


      Dell EMC OpenManage Plug-in for Nagios Core

      Dell EMC OpenManage Plug-in for Nagios Core and Nagios XI delivers comprehensive hardware-level visibility of supported Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, Dell EMC networking switches, supported hyper-converged infrastructure platforms and supported Dell EMC storage devices all within the Nagios environment.

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      Dell EMC OpenManage Micro Focus Operations Manager I Operations Connector

      The Dell EMC OpenManage Micro Focus Operations Manager i (OMi) enables extensive monitoring of Dell EMC devices directly within the Micro Focus OMi Console. It also is able to launch the OpenManage web console directly from within Micro Focus OMi for further troubleshooting, configuration, and updates.

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      Dell EMC OpenManage Connection for IBM Tivoli

      The Dell EMC OpenManage Connection for IBM Tivoli allows monitoring of Dell EMC servers, storage and networking devices managed by IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus (ITNO) and Network Manager (ITNM) IP Edition. It allows monitoring all events and fault data, correlating alerts for quicker fault detection and resolution.

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    • Essential Resources

      OpenManage Ecosystem Portfolio: Integrations, Connections and RESTful APIs


      Quick reference guide: OpenManage Systems Management

      The Dell EMC OpenManage portfolio includes the tools to manage PowerEdge servers.

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      Experience seamless full-stack management.

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