Transform your IT infrastructure with software-defined storage

    Achieve real agility for your business with software-defined storage from Dell EMC: scale-out block, file and object storage. Get ready to automate the deployment of IT services, optimize IT operations and reduce TCO.

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    Software-defined storage, hyper-converged system engineered to reduce TCO and simplify your VMware environment.
    Ideal for any virtualized vSphere environment; supports a wide variety of use cases including mission critical applications, databases, remote and branch offices (ROBO), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).
    • Powered by VMware vSAN; jointly engineered with VMware for seamless integration
    • Multiple node types and configuration options to best match workload requirements
    • Single point of global 24 x 7 support for hardware and software
    • Fastest and easiest way to extend a VMware environment
    • Up to 30% lower TCO than traditional infrastructure1
    • 98% less unplanned downtime than traditional infrastructure2
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    IsilonSD Edge

    Software-defined scale-out NAS storage for a wide range of file workloads.
    Ideal for enterprise edge locations including remote and branch offices (ROBO), and small business deployments with limited IT technical resources.
    File, HDFS
    • Deploys on physical or virtual SAN, ScaleIO Ready Node, and VxRail
    • Isilon OneFS operating system, data management and protection
    • Up to 36TB capacity per instance
    • Highly efficient with up to 80% storage utilization3
    • Supports multiple workloads with a single storage solution
    • Fast deployment and simple to manage
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    Software-defined globally distributed object storage with low total cost of ownership.
    Global content repository, cloud-native applications, IoT, consolidated backup and archive, Storage as a Service, hybrid cloud.
    Object, File, HDFS
    • Available as software, appliance, and/or hosted solution
    • Native metadata search
    • Multi-protocol support
    • 48% lower TCO than public cloud4
    • Infinite scalability with strong global consistency
    • Simple infrastructure combining storage, metadata and analytics
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