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      Dell EMC UnityVSA runs the same Operating Environment as the Dell EMC Unity storage platforms and supports up to 4 TB of capacity in a VMware ESXi environment. Interested in setting up VM-aware storage in less than 5 minutes and managing storage 8x faster.

      For further information and support, join the Dell EMC Unity Community to access documentation, training, and user discussions to get further insight on the latest Dell EMC Unity capabilities.

      When you are ready to deploy Dell EMC UnityVSA for full production, contact a Sales Associate, Dell EMC Authorized Reseller, or visit Dell EMC UnityVSA in the Dell EMC Store to purchase a license for up to 50 TB of unified storage.

      Watch the demo and learn how to download, install, and configure Dell EMC UnityVSA.



      • Dell EMC UnityVSA ***NEW***


        The download package contains the Dell EMC UnityVSA Operating Environment OVA installation file.




        Activate Your Dell EMC UnityVSA: Get Your System License for Full Functionality




        License requirements: While there are no further licensing or registration requirements to run Dell EMC UnityVSA for non-production use, if you are ready to purchase Dell EMC UnityVSA, contact your Sales Associate, Dell EMC Authorized Reseller, or visit Dell EMC UnityVSA in the Dell EMC Store.




        System Requirements:




        • Infrastructure Requirements - Common to all use cases:
          • vCenter version:  6.0 or later
          • ESXi: 6.0 - 6.7
          • Web-Browser: Chrome v57, IE v10, FireFox v52, Safari v6 or later
          • Number of ESX hosts: Equal to the number of Dell EMC UnityVSA nodes needed (1:1 mapping)

        • Dell EMC UnityVSA
          • RAM for each Dell EMC UnityVSA VM: 12 GB
          • vCPU for each Dell EMC UnityVSA VM: 2vCPU
          • Physical Server Requirements: Dual Core CPU 64-bit x86 Intel 2GHz+ (SSE4.2 or greater)
          • Hardware RAID Controller: 512MB NV Cache and Battery Backed (recommended)
          • Type of HDDs: SATA, SAS, SSD
          • I/O Ports (Front End or External): 1GbE / 10GbE
          • Physical Memory Requirements: 18GB (ESXi 6.0) or 20GB (ESXi 6.5/6.7)
          • Maximum Number of Pool LUNs: 64
          • Maximum LUN Size: 16 TB
          • Maximum File System Size: 50 GB
          • Maximum File Systems: 32
          • Maximum Usable Capacity: 4TB Community Edition / 10TB, 25TB, and 50TB Professional Edition


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