Science of Storage

      Become a storage guru, start the conversation, and drive your pipeline




      The Science of Storage is a fun series. Join Archie and Steve as they dispel myths, shift perceptions, and reveal the science behind Dell EMC’s data storage portfolio.



      The series helps you to:


      • Gain storage guru status from Archie's teachings
      • Understand Dell EMC's unique differentiation in the storage market
      • Have warm conversations with your customers and build a strong storage pipeline.




      Watch the full series below, get to know the topics and products, and active your own campaign to harness the value of the Science of Storage series.

    • Watch the full series

      Join Steve and Archie on their adventures.


      Each episode of the series covers a new storage topic. Watch each episode, become familiar with the topics explored,

      and be sure to share relevant episodes with your customers to begin the conversation.

      • Episode 1

        Why Architecture Matter
        Steve’s trying to pick a storage solution for his business, but they all look the same. How does he know which to choose?

      • Episode 2

        Why Infrastructure Matters
        Steve’s storage isn’t performing to the level his business needs anymore. Time for a change...

      • Episode 3

        Why Copy Management Matters
        Steve is struggling to keep up with the amount of storage his Apps team needs. Can Archie help?

      • Episode 4

        Why Data Replication Matters
        Steve is about to buy a dual site storage solution – but has he considered his decision?

      • Episode 5

        Why Data Protection Matters
        After watching the news, Steve questions if his data protection is up to scratch.

      • Episode 6

        Why Scale Out Matters
        Steve’s business has reached its storage limit again. Can Archie save the day?

      • Episode 7

        Why Next-Gen Storage with NVMe Matters
        Steve needs better performance from his applications. Is NVMe and All-Flash the answer?

      • Episode 8

        Why Resilience Matters
        The rate of tech advancement gets Steve wondering whether his storage is resilient enough for the future.

      • Episode 9

        Why Machine Learning Matters
        Will Artificial Intelligence replace Steve in the future? Or will machine learning help him?

      • Episode 10

        Why Data Isolation Matters
        Is Steve’s backup data safe from the threat of Malware? Archie has the answer.

      • Episode 11

        Why NVMe over Fabrics Matters
        After attending a seminar, Steve ponders the importance of performance speeds on future business growth.