Why IT Transformation?





      Unless organizations transform their IT and continue to evolve, they simply cannot cope with the sheer amount of data and operational change generated in todays digital economy. So businesses need to embrace IT Transformation to stay competitive – sometimes to even survive.

      What’s the opportunity for you?


      Modernizing and automating the IT infrastructure is a foundational element of IT Transformation – and it’s an essential requirement for organizations of all sizes, in all sectors. So the market potential is huge.
      A recent ESG survey of 4,000 execs in 16 countries* found that 81% of respondents know they need to embrace IT Transformation to stay competitive and enable cloud based services - with some urgency.

      How can you get involved?


      We’ve developed an end-to-end strategic campaign to help you communicate the key benefits and business value of IT Transformation to your customers.
      A comprehensive range of tools, resources and marketing materials enables you to adopt a consultative selling approach and drive the conversation.

      Learn how you can become the go-to technology partner for essential IT Transformation – visit our dedicated Campaign Center today.

    • IT Transformation Solutions
      Enable customers to modernize their infrastructure to Maximise results

      * ESG IT Transformation maturity research survey of 4,000 ITDMs in 16 countries, April 2018.