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    Promoting the power of Dell Technologies Cloud solutions with Intel® can help make you a preferred cloud technology partner

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    Dell Technologies Solutions with Intel®
    Dell Technologies Solutions with Intel®
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      Take a closer look at new Dell Technologies Cloud solutions that you can leverage to help customers drive improved business outcomes. These include:

    • Dell Technologies Cloud Platform with Kubernetes

    • Dell Technologies Cloud OneFS for Google Cloud

    • Dell Technologies Cloud Platform – 4-Node Configuration

    • Dell Technologies Cloud Validated Designs for PowerStore

    • Dell Technologies Cloud Platform – VDI Solutions

    • SD-WAN – Powered by VMware

    • Explore how you can use Dell Technologies Cloud to help your customers architect a winning multi-cloud strategy – built around familiar tools and existing skillsets – to unlock better outcomes for their organizations.

    • Give your customers complete cloud confidence

    • Promote Dell Technologies Cloud with Intel®, and you can help improve customers’ cloud experience – delivering all the benefits of unifying edge, private, and public cloud resources with consistent infrastructure and operations.


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      Quickly and clearly communicate the key benefits and business value of Dell Technologies Cloud to your customers – we’ve created a comprehensive range of dedicated tools, resources and collateral to help you.



      Read the Cloud Complexity Imperative ESG Report to discover everything your customers stand to gain from streamlining their cloud management experience.





    • * * ESG Research Insights Paper “The Cloud Complexity Imperative: Why Organizations Must Unify and Simplify the Management of their Sprawling Multicloud Environment” commissioned by Dell Technologies, VMWare and Intel Corporation, February 2020.