• Tier Benefits

        As your Tier progresses, so do your benefits. These benefits are available to all Dell Technologies Partners, regardless of whether you procure directly with Dell Technologies or indirectly through your Preferred Distribution Partner.


        Simple. Predictable. Profitable.™

      •   Authorized Gold Platinum Titanium
        Partner Portal access including enablement tools, sales aids, marketing campaigns and tools
        Partner Program Tier logo usage
        Financial Services: Payment and Working Capital Solutions for partners and customers
        Valuable product and solution training and Partner Academy access
        Deal Registration access (via Distribution or Dell Technologies)
        Ability to resell solutions from approved Dell Technologies Cloud Service Providers (Cloud Partner Connect)
        Go-To-Market Programs; Partner of Record through Partner Preferred and/or Storage andServer Incumbency Program
        MyRewards points based reward program for individual sales makers** ●*
        Access to Dell Solutions and Briefing Centers including Online Demo Center  
        Eligiblity for Find a Partner to drive brand awareness and prospective leads  
        Proposal-based Marketing funds (potential eligibility)  
        Priority access to Dell-generated leads    
        Partner Advisory and Technical Advisory Boards (by invitation)    
        Priority access to Dell-generated leads    
        Highest rebate potential and executive support      

      • *Excluding EMEA

        **Greater China is currently not eligible

      • Financial Benefits

        Profitability is foundational to your business and a cornerstone of our program.

      • 1

        Gold, Platinum and Titanium Partners are eligible to earn compelling rebates.

      • 2

        Dell Technologies offers two types of Marketing Development Funds including Earned and Proposal-based MDF. Earned MDF rewards qualified partners with predictable funding, which is accrued based on revenue / rates based on type and tier. Proposal-based MDF represents incremental discretionary funds provided to partners based on strategic proposals aligned to regional sales and marketing priorities. Both funds serve to support a breadth of marketing activities.

      • 3

        The Global Dell Technologies MyRewards program is your sales maker reward program. If you’re ambitious for more, and serious about selling, the way forward starts here.


      • By completing competencies, partners can benefit from increased sales due to greater expertise with Dell Technologies products and solutions. Additionally, as partners complete more competencies, they will have the opportunity to progress to higher Program Tiers and receive greater rewards along the way. Services competencies allow partners to build service delivery capabilities at the product portfolio level.

      • Program Tiers and Requirements

        The Dell Technologies Partner Program Tiers each have their own revenue and training requirements, enabling partners to progress beyond the entry level Authorized status.


        Benefits increase with greater commitment to the program.

      •   Authorized Gold Platinum Titanium
        Approved Application
        Revenue Thresholds (Product and Services)   $ $$ $$$
        Training Requirements   🎓 🎓🎓 🎓🎓🎓

      • Flexible and Aligned Training

        Partners have the ability to complete different combinations of training, while progressing to higher Tiers, based on their business models. Training is available across Dell Technologies’s extensive portfolio so that our Partners can gain expertise in areas that align to their core competencies.