Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

    The Fastest and Simplest Way to Transform IT Infrastructure

    Dell EMC Hyper-converged infrastructure powered by 14th generation PowerEdge servers simplifies IT and delivers transformation for your organization. Whether you are looking to modernize your data center using best-of-breed components or accelerate your path to cloud by deploying a turnkey engineered system, the breadth of our HCI portfolio empowers you to choose the solution best suited for your business.

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    • Accelerate path to cloud
    • Modernize the data center

    Hyper-converged appliance, jointly engineered with VMware and powered by vSAN to dramatically simplify IT operations, accelerate time to market, and reduce TCO.
    Ideal for any vSphere environment. Supports a wide variety of use cases, including mission-critical applications, mixed workloads, ROBO, and VDI. Accelerates IT transformation, SDDC adoption, and helps customers from the edge to the core to the cloud.
    • Pre-configured, pre-tested, full-lifecycle management
    • 73% faster to deploy
    • 46% lower total cost of operations
    • 619% ROI over 5 years
    • Flexibility and choice to address any use case
    • Start small and grow non-disruptively up to 64 nodes
    • Powered by VMWare vSAN; jointly engineered with VMware for seamless integration
    • Multiple node types and configuration options to best match workload requirements
    • Mission-critical availability - 99.9999% uptime
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    VxRack SDDC
    • Accelerate path to cloud

    Rack-scale hyper-converged system, jointly engineered with VMware and built on VxRail, that accelerates creating a foundation for delivering IaaS at scale.
    Ideal for those seeking a complete VMware based cloud infrastructure at scale. Easily creates a foundation for VMware private cloud by fully integrating VMware Cloud Foundation with exclusive SDDC Automation and Serviceability Extensions software and new SDDC Manager used for single pane of glass management.
    • Accelerates time to value for VMware
    • Integrated rack-scale fabric for extreme scalability
    • Simple to deploy, manage, and sustain
    • Start small with a single rack and 8 nodes; grow up to 8 racks and 192 nodes
    • Most advanced VMware Cloud Foundation integrated system
    • The only rack-scale HCI solution co-designed with VMware
    • Fully integrated turnkey VMware SDDC solution with managed physical and virtual infrastructure
    • Engineered with exclusive Dell EMC SDDC Automation and Serviceability Extensions
    • Easily deploy a modern next-generation data center with VMware vSphere, VMware NSX, VMware vSAN, and VMware SDDC Manager
    • VMware Cloud Foundation integrates VMware vSphere, vSAN, NSX, and vRealize Suite
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    vSAN Ready Nodes
    • Modernize the data center

    HCI that combines a wide range of PowerEdge servers with VMware vSAN software in a jointly certified, pre-configured, tested solution that reduces risk and TCO.
    Ideal for customers looking for vSAN-based solutions, especially those that have unique requirements, standards, or processes for configuration and installation, and want the simplicity of using validated nodes.
    • Unique vSAN chassis, powered by Intel or AMD, with personality module streamlines deployment, updates, and manageability
    • Start small and grow non-disruptively up to 64 nodes
    • 130% faster deployment with 97% less administrator time required
    • Manage up to 8,000 devices with OME 3.0
    • Combines industry-leading Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with VMware software in a hyper-converged node
    • Allows for creation of configurations perfectly tailored for specific workloads
    • Simplify management with OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter 4.2, a native VMware vCenter plug-in
    • Boss or SD card boot options
    • Dell EMC ProDeploy Plus Services, available for PowerEdge servers, is the most robust deployment service offering in the market
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    VxRack FLEX
    • Modernize the data center

    Rack-scale, hyper-converged system that delivers flexibility, scalability, and performance for the enterprise data center.
    Ideal for companies looking for multiple hypervisor or bare metal options in a shared infrastructure and support for server SAN, heterogeneous virtualized environments and high performance database use cases.
    • Standardized and repeatable networking
    • 2.5x more IOPS
    • 30% lower TCO
    • 82% decrease in deployment time
    • Start small and grow big non-disruptively
    • Start small and grow to web-scale
    • Tiering, multi-tenancy, snapshots, fault set domains, storage QoS, in-flight checksum, and instant maintenance mode
    • HCI/single-layer architecture to modernize your data center with greater efficiency
    • Two-layer model, giving flexibility to manage infrastructure independently
    • Application-integrated no-impact copy services
    • Unmatched data efficiency services
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    VxFlex Ready Nodes
    • Modernize the data center

    Scalable, reliable, and easy-to-deploy building blocks for hyper-converged or server SAN architecture that provide massive scalability with linear performance gains.
    Ideal for hyper-converged or server SAN architecture, multi-hypervisor or bare metal environments, and high performance databases.
    • Operational model flexibility
    • Increase in application bandwidth, reduction in application latency
    • Enhanced business agility
    • Lower TCO
    • Optimization of resources
    • Start small and grow in flexible, discrete increments
    • Enterprise grade, no compromise resilience
    • Linear performance gains
    • Choice of hypervisor or bare metal option
    • Simplified and accelerated deployment
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    VxRack AS
    Microsoft Azure Stack
    • Accelerate path to cloud

    Turnkey fully integrated rack scale hyper converged system to accelerate hybrid cloud adoption across Azure Public and on-premises.
    Ideal for those seeking a consistent Azure experience across on-premises and the public cloud.
    • Modernize your business with automated IT service delivery for all Microsoft Azure Stack apps
    • Reduce complexity and accelerate hybrid cloud adoption with confidence
    • Engineered, Deployed, Supported, and Sustained as a rack-scale system for a robust and stable cloud platform
    Powered by Microsoft Windows 2016 software defined storage and networking capabilities, industry-leading Dell EMC hyper-converged rack-scale infrastructure, and managed via the Microsoft Azure Stack interface
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    XC Family
    Hypervisor choice
    • Modernize the data center

    Integrates PowerEdge servers and Nutanix software in hyper-converged systems tailored for specific use cases, with hypervisor choice.
    Ideal for those seeking to deploy Nutanix software on industry-leading Dell EMC hardware. Workload-based configurations for a wide range of use cases including desktop virtualization, database, enterprise cloud, and remote and branch offices.
    • 51% less time for ongoing management
    • Keep applications running with non-disruptive updates to hypervisor, firmware and Nutanix software
    • 61% lower cost of operations
    • 99% less unplanned downtime
    • Combines Dell EMC 14th generation PowerEdge servers with Nutanix software to offer a versatile and scalable hyper-converged (HCI) platform
    • Choice of hypervisors and fast deployment for all virtualized workloads
    • Eliminates need for overprovisioning and capital expenditures by offering a linear and predictable scale-out expansion and pay-as-you-grow flexibility.
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    Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct Ready Nodes
    Windows Server Software Defined
    • Modernize the data center

    Hyper-converged infrastructure designed for Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct with certified components and validated building blocks that simplifies ordering and reduces deployment risks.
    Ideal for small to medium sized enterprises looking for an HCI infrastructure using Microsoft technologies such as Hyper-V and Storage Spaces Direct.
    • Maximize confidence in Microsoft HCI by utilizing a pre-valid hardware infrastructure
    • Reduce administrative work with fewer interfaces and fewer steps
    • Radically simplify procurement and deployment, to deliver superior performance and efficiency
    • Includes Microsoft Azure Backup Service, providing backup and recovery for mission-critical data
    • Streamlined set of feature designed for small and mid-sized businesses
    • Enterprise class storage such as deduplication, compression, cloning, and tiering in a resilient self-healing cluster
    • Simplified infrastructure management by combining Nutanix Prism with Dell EMC iDRAC
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  • Risorse di hyper-converged infrastructure

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    Software-defined storage hyper-converged appliance progettato per ridurre il TCO e semplificare l'ambiente VMware.
    Ideale per qualsiasi ambiente vSphere virtualizzato; supporta un'ampia gamma di use case, tra cui applicazioni mission-critical, database, uffici remoti e filiali (ROBO), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) e altri ancora.
    • Notevole semplificazione delle operazioni IT, accelerazione del time-to-market e un incredibile ritorno sugli investimenti
    • L'unica famiglia di hyper-converged infrastructure appliance VMware completamente integrati, preconfigurati e pretestati presente sul mercato
    • Implementazione 73% più veloce
    • Riduzione dei costi operativi totali del 46%
    • 619% di ROI in 5 anni
    • Flessibilità e scelta per far fronte a qualsiasi use case
    • Investimento iniziale ridotto e possibilità di crescita senza interruzioni fino a 64 nodi
    • Con tecnologia VMware vSAN; progettato in collaborazione con VMware per un'integrazione perfetta
    • Più opzioni di configurazione e tipi di nodi per soddisfare meglio le esigenze dei workload
    • Availability mission-critical: tempi di attività del 99,9999%
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    vSAN Ready Node

    Hyper-converged infrastructure per VMware vSAN che combina un'ampia gamma di hardware Dell EMC con il software VMware vSAN in un pacchetto convalidato pronto da ordinare.
    Ideale per i clienti alla ricerca di soluzioni basate su vSAN per il data center e la virtualizzazione dei client e che desiderano la semplicità di utilizzo di nodi convalidati per vSAN, ma con specifici requisiti, standard o processi di installazione e configurazione.
    • Massima possibilità di scelta, rischi limitati per i progetti e riduzione dei costi complessivi di gestione per l’ambiente di software-defined storage
    • Accelerazione del time-to-value
    • Investimento iniziale ridotto e possibilità di crescita senza interruzioni fino a 64 nodi
    • Configurazioni su misura per soddisfare perfettamente i requisiti di workload specifici
    • Combina i server Dell EMC PowerEdge leader del settore con il software VMware in un nodo iperconvergente
    • Consente di creare configurazioni perfettamente su misura per workload specifici
    • Opzioni di avvio BOSS o tramite scheda SD
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    Sistema VxRack FLEX

    Sistema rack-scale iperconvergente che crea un elemento fondamentale flessibile, aperto ed eterogeneo per offrire IaaS su vasta scala.
    Ideale per le aziende che desiderano iniziare con un'implementazione di dimensioni ridotte per raggiungere in seguito le dimensioni di un data center in modo flessibile, attraverso incrementi variabili. Questa soluzione chiavi in mano basata su server PowerEdge consente di scegliere l’hypervisor (tra cui vSphere) o un'opzione bare-metal per supportare un'ampia gamma di use case.
    • Networking standardizzato e ripetibile
    • Numero di IOPS 2,5 volte superiore
    • TCO inferiore del 30%
    • Riduzione dei tempi di implementazione dell'82%
    • Investimento iniziale ridotto, crescita su scala web
    • Tiering, multi-tenancy, snapshot, domini di fault set, QoS dello storage, checksum al volo e modalità di manutenzione istantanea
    • Architettura HCI/a singolo livello per rinnovare il data center con maggiore efficienza
    • Modello a due livelli, che offre la flessibilità necessaria per gestire l'infrastruttura in modo indipendente
    • Servizi di copia integrati nelle applicazioni senza nessun impatto
    • Servizi di efficienza dei dati ineguagliabili
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    Sistema VxRack SDDC

    Sistema rack-scale iperconvergente chiavi in mano, completamente integrato, per implementare facilmente un ambiente di infrastruttura cloud completo basato su VMware.
    Ideale per chi cerca un'infrastruttura cloud completa basata su VMware su vasta scala. Crea facilmente un elemento fondamentale per un private cloud VMware, completamente integrato con VMware vSphere, vSAN e NSX e con il nuovo VMware SDDC Manager per la gestione da un unico pannello.
    • Accelerazione del time-to-value per VMware
    • Fabric rack-scale integrata per offrire massima scalabilità
    • Semplice da implementare, gestire e mantenere
    • L’unica soluzione HCI rack-scale co-progettata con VMware
    • Soluzione SDDC VMware chiavi in mano completamente integrata con infrastruttura gestita fisica e virtuale
    • Progettato con estensioni di automazione e servizi
    • Implementa facilmente un Modern Data Center di nuova generazione con VMware vSphere, VMware NSX, VMware vSAN e VMware SDDC Manager
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    Serie XC

    Integra i server PowerEdge con il software Nutanix in hyper-converged appliance creati su misura per use case specifici, con possibilità di scelta dell’hypervisor.
    Ideale per chi desidera implementare il software Nutanix su hardware Dell EMC leader del settore, configurato per far fronte a un'ampia gamma di use case, tra cui implementazioni per filiali/uffici remoti, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, VDI, Oracle OLTP e altri ancora.
    • 51% di tempo in meno per la gestione continua
    • Riduzione dei costi operativi del 61%
    • Riduzione dei tempi di inattività non pianificati del 99%
    • Combina i server Dell EMC PowerEdge di 14a generazione con il software Nutanix per offrire una piattaforma di hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) versatile e scalabile
    • Possibilità di scelta di hypervisor e implementazione rapida per tutti i workload virtualizzati
    • Elimina la necessità di overprovisioning e le spese in conto capitale offrendo un'espansione scale-out lineare e prevedibile, oltre a una flessibilità pay-as-you-grow.
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    XC Xpress

    Hyper-converged infrastructure realizzata su misura per soddisfare le esigenze e i budget delle piccole e medie imprese, con il supporto di Microsoft Azure Backup and Recovery e dei server PowerEdge.
    Ideale per le organizzazioni IT di piccole dimensioni alla ricerca di una soluzione di infrastruttura “out of the box” semplice, affidabile e conveniente, che unisca server, storage, virtualizzazione e cloud backup in un singolo appliance dai costi contenuti.
    • Implementazione di un cluster XC Xpress in pochi minuti senza la necessità di servizi esterni o risorse specializzate
    • Protezione avanzata dei dati già integrata
    • Infrastruttura semplice, rapida ed efficiente con supporto 24x7
    • Include Microsoft Azure Backup Service per il backup e il ripristino dei dati mission-critical
    • Set semplificato di funzionalità progettate per le piccole e medie imprese
    • Funzionalità di storage di livello enterprise, come deduplica, compressione, clonazione e tiering in un cluster di self-healing resiliente
    • Gestione dell'infrastruttura semplificata grazie alla combinazione di Nutanix Prism e Dell EMC iDRAC
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