• Modern, self-service data protection done right. No more guess work.

    Dell EMC Enterprise Copy Data Management (eCDM) is the industry’s first modern data management platform that:

    • Discovers copies non-disruptively across the enterprise for consolidated oversight
    • Automates Protection SLO compliance and efficient copy creation
    • Optimizes IT operations based on actionable insight

    Copy data is part of the modern data center, but that doesn’t mean it should go unchecked.

    As companies start to move away from traditional server-centric backup designed around centralized control, and progress towards providing more modern data protection designed for self-service, the amount of data created starts to increase. Copy data, which includes copies for data protection, analytics, operations as well as testing and development, can become hard to keep track of under this self-service model.

    This proliferation of copy data is being driven by the move to the modern data center, which drives copy creation across the enterprise. This evolution of the data center needs intelligent, consolidated oversight of data and services levels across the business to ensure protection SLO compliance is met. In addition, solving this gap in this self-service model also requires modern data management, which focuses on optimizing infrastructure efficiency and streamlining operations.

    Learn more about the copy data problem from IDC
  • This problem has led to


    of businesses having at least 10 copies of any one instance of data

  • IDC forecasts that


    of total storage capacity is dedicated to copies

  • For IT Management

    Optimize Efficiency & Streamline Operations.

    eCDM will optimize operational efficiency and streamline operations through non-disruptive copy discovery.

    For Backup & Storage Admins

    Protection SLO Compliance

    Gain consolidated oversight of copy data to better meet protection SLO compliance.

    For App Owners & Database Admins

    Self Service from Native Utilities

    Gain self-service access to all copies and maintain direct control of copy creation from native utilities.


    Transition to the Modern Data Center, Made Easier

    Self-service is here, but that doesn’t mean management takes a back seat. Learn how you can adopt modern copy data management to streamline operations.

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