• What is Enterprise Copy Data Analytics?

    eCDA is a cloud analytics platform that provides a global view into the effectiveness of your data protection operations and infrastructure. In addition to a global map view displaying current protection status for each site in a simple-to-understand and compare IQ Score, eCDA leverages historical data to identify anomalies and generate actionable insights for you to more efficiently optimize your protection infrastructure for the future.


      Global Site Visibility

      eCDA’s global map views provide an instant glimpse into protection compliance, protection storage infrastructure efficiency and cost efficiency across your enterprise.  Key performance indicators are automatically generated globally and per site.


      IQ Scores

      ProtectionIQ™ and InfrastructureIQ™ scores immediately inform you about the protection status of your assets and the health of your infrastructure.



      eCDA provides prescriptive optimization recommendations to improve the efficiency and capacity utilization of your Data Domain systems.


    Cloud makes it easy. Analytics are done for you, not by you.

    Dell EMC Enterprise Copy Data Analytics is a Software-as-a-Service solution. With eCDA, you can get started in minutes without ever deploying any hardware or virtual appliances. There is never any patching or updates required to be installed in eCDA.  eCDA will use the existing telemetry from your Data Domain systems that you have already sent to Dell EMC.


    In the cloud for a global perspective

    eCDA is a software-as-a-service solution, providing maximum flexibility when managing multiple data centers across the globe. Users can simply log in to their enterprise portal and view the status of each of their sites from one common location. 

    Monitor globally and per-site status with IQ Scores

    IQ Scores, such as InfrastructureIQ™ and ProtectionIQ™, are automatically calculated and present a common way to monitor globally or a site’s protection storage infrastructure’s status in a single, simple-to-understand glance and compare scores. 

    Anticipate the needs of your protection storage

    Using historical data, eCDA provides actionable insights into the future needs of your protection storage infrastructure based on machine learning and analytics to find anomalies to predict and prevent risks, inefficiencies, and cost drivers.

  • Optimize Data Protection Operations Through Intelligent Analytics.

    Leverage eCDA to provide a single view into your protection infrastructure with actionable intelligence to preempt issues, maintain health and accurately forecast and manage for growth.

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