• As data volumes escalate and silos cause fragmentation, finding the right storage architecture becomes critical. ESG recommends XtremIO All-Flash storage for its many transformational business benefits. Likely the same reasons 65% of the Fortune 100 trust XtremIO.1

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    Innovate with advanced flash technologies

    XtremIO storage systems leverage advanced flash technologies to deliver consistent and predictable sub-ms response times for workloads on every volume—including nested copies of volumes—while evenly distributing data across all resources for flash performance that doesn’t degrade at higher utilization. All flash intelligence you need in today’s mobile economy.

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    Increase usable capacity with effective data services

    By using flash-specific data protection that delivers 80+% of raw capacity as host-usable, and leveraging unique inline, data reduction techniques, an XtremIO array can deliver effective capacities that are generally more than 6x the usable capacity of the system.

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    Boost agility with integrated copy data management

    XtremIO’s integrated solution allows organizations to consolidate both primary data and associated copies on the same scale-out storage system in a flexible package that’s simple to manage, monitor, maintain and grow. Developers and application owners can use these services to significantly improve workflows, delivering improved speed and performance for greater business agility.

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    Simplify with automated, self-service workflows

    To help lower operational expenses while improving business processes, use XtremIO’s intuitive graphical user interface to create automated workflows and easily manage, monitor and provision storage from a single pool of storage. Spend less time on admin duties and more time innovating.

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    Consolidate workloads for a modern data center

    Take advantage of XtremIO’s high performance and automation capabilities, and highly differentiated copy data management techniques to consolidate cloud, database, VDI, software development, mail server, and enterprise business applications. Pioneered for efficiency, you can remove silos and run workflows with in-memory metadata movements – a significant, business-driven data center improvement.

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    Meet ever-increasing storage demands while gaining new business agility that drives a competitive advantage. With Dell EMC XtremIO All-Flash storage, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, you can accelerate innovation, drive IT Transformation and deliver real results.

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