• Accelerate innovation with flash-enabled infrastructure. See insights from The Edison Group on the unique advantages of SCOS 7, the operating system included with Dell EMC Storage SC Series arrays.

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    Optimize virtualization

    Optimize performance service levels for mixed workloads while delivering a cost-effective solution through deeper, more intelligent virtualization. Thanks to the included SCOS 7, Dell EMC Storage SC Series offers built-in auto-tiering for managing and migrating data in highly granular blocks, scaling on demand, enabling hands-free management and supporting platform independence.

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    Break the cost barrier to flash

    Enhance storage economics on a broader scale across more media types. Support various workload requirements on one platform. Lower operating costs with a decreased footprint, streamlined infrastructure and centralized administration. For Flash, the Dell EMC Storage SC Series’ OS lowers barriers to entry and supports a wider variety of workloads.

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    Eliminate workload downtime

    Enable zero workload downtime for both planned and unplanned events. Delivered through Live Volume and Live Migrate, the business continuance features in the Dell EMC Storage SC Series’ operating system address all administrative levels – providing operational simplicity, advanced functions and flexibility.

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    Streamline performance and management

    Allocate your resources automatically to match priorities with advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features in SCOS 7. Built-in intelligence dynamically tracks I/O patterns and manages data placement. Automation self-optimizes performance, data efficiency, data protection and RAID provisioning. Integration points and plug-ins streamline management and interoperability with key applications and environments.

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    Enable CAPEX-lean and future-ready scaling

    Meet budget imperatives by seamlessly integrating new media and accessing more capacity scaling options than leading flash array architectures. Options include data footprint reduction, incremental scaling using different SSD classes, data mobility, scaling-up and –out without service outages, assimilation of advancing SSD media without impacting performance, and perpetual software licensing.

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  • Optimize your storage in a flash

    Accelerate business-driven IT transformation with the right technology and the right partner. SCOS 7, the operating system in the Dell EMC Storage SC Series powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, redefines storage economics. It delivers an innovative platform that helps jump-start your company’s shift to a modern, flash-based architecture.

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