• Llegó una nueva generación de Dell EMC Isilon

    Ahora, la plataforma líder en NAS de escalamiento horizontal es aún mejor

    La nueva generación de almacenamiento NAS de escalamiento horizontal de Isilon ofrece un rendimiento, una escalabilidad y resistencia extremas que le permitirán superar los retos de los ambientes de datos en crecimiento.  La nueva arquitectura de alta densidad de Isilon también le permite alcanzar niveles nuevos de eficiencia. Con Isilon, puede adoptar cargas de trabajo de archivos más exigentes. Obtenga mejores resultados de negocios. Almacene, administre y proteja fácilmente grandes conjuntos de datos y, al mismo tiempo, disminuya los costos de manera significativa.  

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    Dell EMC Isilon Express

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  • Soluciones NAS de escalamiento horizontal de Dell EMC Isilon

    Optimize your data storage resources

    Isilon data management software provides powerful tools to optimize storage resources and system performance

    Enterprise data protection and security

    Isilon data protection software safeguards data assets to meet availability and business governance requirements

    •   Isilon SnapShot IQ

      Point-in-time data backup protection and restoration for unstructured data

    •   Isilon SyncIQ

      Asynchronous data replication for disaster recovery and disk-to-disk backup

    •   Isilon SmartLock

      Software-based, write-once, read-many (WORM) data protection and security

    •   Isilon SmartConnect

      Automatic load balancing and failover of client connections across Isilon nodes

    Simple, automated storage tiering to a choice of cloud storage providers

    Optimize storage resources, gain cloud-scale storage capacity, and reduce overall storage costs. Dell EMC Isilon CloudPools allows you to archive or tier data from your on-premise Isilon cluster to a choice of cloud service providers.

    •   Added Value

      Gain new efficiencies and optimize resources by embracing the cloud as an archiving storage tier for cold or frozen data. Move old, unused data to the cloud to free up space on your primary Isilon cluster for higher value data and applications.

    •   Flexible Cloud Integration

      Integrate your core storage infrastructure with a choice of public cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Virtustream, and Dell EMC ECS and Isilon private cloud options. Seamless integration is transparent to users and applications.

    •   Simple Management

      Leverage policy-based, automated tiering approach to archive cold or frozen data that remains visible and readily accessible for business use. 

    •   Secure Data

      Automatically protect data transmitted to cloud storage with data encryption and keep it that way until retrieval and return to your Isilon data center cluster.

    A full-function software-only version of Isilon