• Simplify IT with a turnkey engineered system experience.

      VxBlock 1000 integrates powerful Dell EMC storage and data protection into a turnkey converged system supporting all your high-value, mission-critical workloads—from the core data center to the cloud. It helps you quickly modernize and simplify your IT infrastructure at scale so you can focus on innovation and gain more value from your data.

    • See how VxBlock Central helps you automate and proactively manage your VMware-based cloud environment.


      VxBlock 1000

      VxBlock 1000 converged infrastructure is specifically designed to help you deliver cloud operations faster, consolidate and protect your high-value workloads, and simplify life cycle management. 

      • Automate key processes and move to a VMware-based private or hybrid cloud model.
      • Mix and match different storage arrays, a range of data protection options, blade and rack servers, and SAN/LAN switches.
      • Gain a trusted single source of support and ongoing validation for all technologies across the stack.
    • Foundation for your mission-critical cloud

    • VxBlock is the proven leader in converged infrastructure, providing enterprises worldwide the amazing simplicity of a turnkey engineered system experience that allows them to focus on innovating rather than spending time on maintenance. The all-in-one VxBlock 1000 gives you a flexible choice of fully integrated storage, data protection, server, networking options backed by VMware virtualization. It’s a proven and trusted foundation for a VMware-based private or hybrid cloud, simplifying automation of everything from daily infrastructure provisioning tasks to delivery of IaaS and SaaS. 

      VxBlock business outcomes really shine with high-value applications like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL and Epic where “good enough” will not get the job done. With VxBlock, you can rely on the rich data services, high availability and data efficiency absolutely required to keep your mission-critical business up, running and protected at any scale.


      Cloud Operations: Automate the entire stack with Dell EMC VxBlock Central and VMware vRealize.


      Workload Consolidation: Improve application performance and reduce downtime through flexible resource pools.


      Lifecycle Management: Reduce upgrade and patching effort with a turnkey system and ongoing certified code upgrades.


      Introducing NVMe Innovations and VxBlock Central 2.0

      During Cisco Live, Dell EMC is making several announcements that deepen VxBlock 1000 integration across servers, networking, storage and data protection. Read how these innovations represent the next milestone in our commitment to CI and our customers.

    • VxBlock Converged Infrastructure Resources

    • CUSTOMER STORY: Cianbro Corporation

      Transforming the Data Center with VxBlock

      Aware of rapidly emerging opportunities to use technology in its construction business in innovative ways, Cianbro knew that it was critical to modernize its data center.

    • CUSTOMER STORY: Palmer College

      Unlocking IT Versatility and Value with VxBlock

      The aging IT infrastructure at Palmer College required constant maintenance and staff attention. Their move to VxBlock converged infrastructure has not only resolved all performance issues, but it has also freed staff to focus on future movement to cloud based services and strategic engagement to add services and advance college business.

    VxBlock Overviews

      The Business Value of Modernizing Mission-Critical Applications with Dell EMC VxBlock Systems

      Dell EMC customers interviewed by IDC reported that VxBlock Systems enabled them to improve the delivery and performance of modern applications that are core to their businesses.


      VxBlock System 1000: Cloud Operations

      VxBlock 1000 is the ultimate launchpad for your Mission Critical Cloud.


      Dell EMC VxBlock System 1000 Product Overview

      Learn about VxBlock 1000: what it is, its business value and its high-level technology specifications.


      VxBlock 1000: Moving your High Value Workloads ahead

      Watch the video to learn how Vx Block and it's features can handle all your High Value Workloads


      Vx Block 1000: Simply your Lifecycle Management

      Watch the video to learn how VxBlock can manage, support and sustain your project lifecycle


      Modernizing CI for the Cloud Era

      VxBlock enhancements bring new levels of automation and performance to this #1 CI system.


      Faster Path to Cloud Operations

      Discover how Dell EMC VxBlock provides the optimal CI platform for your VMware-based cloud.

    • Services & Support


      Seamless support

      We deliver a unique, seamless support experience for your VxBlock system at every level, including the integration and functioning of all components from Dell EMC, VMware and Cisco.


      Global coverage

      The Customer Care team delivers support globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our support staff is expertly trained in all aspects of the converged infrastructure.

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