• Dell EMC Partner Program for Tech Connect Select Partners is a resource that makes it easier for customers to acquire pretested, third-party "solution completers" that can be purchased with any Dell EMC hardware, software, or services.



    Access a range of products from industry-leading partners. Reduce complexity and minimize risk when implementing multivendor solutions.



    By purchasing all solution components through Dell EMC, you can significantly simplify the design, evaluation, and procurement of your information infrastructure.



    Dell EMC Select Tech Connect products are qualified for interoperability and E-Lab-tested where applicable to ensure compatibility in Dell EMC information infrastructure environments.

  • Get more value out of your EMC storage solutions by combining them with EMC Select Technology Connect storage and performance management products.


    Aspera offers a complete portfolio of client-server software solutions that enable individual users or automated business processes to access, manage, and move bulk file-data with the highest levels of performance when combined with high speed Symmetrix, CLARiiON, and Celerra Unified storage platforms.

    Aspera maximizes efficiency and bandwidth investments through a patented protocol called fasp. fasp is specifically engineered to move bulk file data over distance. Aspera’s unique value proposition delivers fast, secure, reliable, and controllable access to file data over a metro, national, or global WAN.

    Aspera enables user productivity and enterprise efficiency through client-server, client-storage, server-server, or storage-storage interactions, which can be an integral part of an adhoc or file-based workflow.

  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    Aspera Enterprise Server CLARiiON, Symmetrix, Celerra, Celerra/MPFS
    Aspera Connect Server CLARiiON, Symmetrix, Celerra, Celerra/MPFS
    Aspera Client CLARiiON, Symmetrix, Celerra, Celerra/MPFS
    Aspera Connect CLARiiON, Symmetrix, Celerra, Celerra/MPFS
    Aspera Console CLARiiON, Symmetrix, Celerra, Celerra/MPFS


    Riverbed is the leader in application performance infrastructure, providing solutions for end-to-end application visibility, optimization, and control in hybrid IT environments for more than 26,000 companies.

    Riverbed SteelFusion
    SteelFusion™ is the only hyper-converged infrastructure solution that delivers local performance, data centralization, instant recovery, and lower TCO. Zero Branch IT: no servers, no storage, no backup; instant provisioning and recovery; complete security and visibility; and applications that simply work.

    Riverbed SteelHead
    SteelHead™ is the #1 WAN optimization solution that guarantees application service levels across hybrid clouds, maximizing end user productivity, enhancing IT visibility and control, and reducing costs. A “Leader” in Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization for eight consecutive years.

  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    SteelHead EMC VMAX, VNX, SRDF, RecoverPoint, DataDomain, Avamar, Isilon, SyncIQ
    SteelCentral All EMC products
    SteelFusion EMC VMAX, VMAX3, VNX, VSPEX, VSPEX BLUE, Isilon, XtremIO, Vblock, VPLEX


    Silver Peak
    Unifies cloud, Internet and enterprise WAN on a single fabric, providing visibility and control over the new cloud-driven network; ensuring consistent performance for enterprise and SaaS applications.

    VX & NX
    Real-time optimization to solve WAN quality, capacity and distance challenges resulting in reliable access to applications anywhere in the world. Deployed as a virtual (VX) or physical (NX) appliance; it scales from the branch to the largest data center. Can be used to build the Unity intelligent WAN fabric, extending a customer’s visibility and control to hybrid cloud and SaaS applications.

    VRX Replication Acceleration Software
    Silver Peak VRX can be deployed in under an hour, protecting up to 20X more data over existing WAN infrastructure to meet Recovery Point Objectives, improve reliability of offsite replication, and increase geographic distance between data centers.

  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    VX, VRX, NX Appliances & Global Management System (GMS) EMC VMAX, VNX, SRDF, RecoverPoint, DataDomain Replicator, Isilon SyncIQ, Atmos


    Eyeglass Isilon Edition complements EMC Isilon SyncIQ by providing a single integration point for disaster recovery orchestration to help customers achieve full RTO and RPO targets. The solution replicates cluster configuration and simplifies failover or failback operations, maintaining critical operations, reducing risk, improving profitability, and cutting costs.

    The Eyeglass software runs separately from the EMC Isilon clusters and allows configuration data to be replicated and protected across two or more clusters. Eyeglass synchronizes and detects changes in configuration data outside the EMC Isilon cluster to coordinate share, export, and quota setting, as well as permissions across arrays. In the event of scheduled disaster recovery testing or an unexpected outage, Eyeglass has all the information required from the cluster to automate failover or failback operations.

  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    Eyeglass Isilon Edition Isilon w SyncIQ
  • Get more value out of your EMC data protection solutions by combining them with EMC Technology Connect software products.


    InfoArchive: Reduce complexity, Optimize Infrastructure, Ensure Compliance

    OpenText™ - InfoArchive is an enterprise platform enabling compliant archiving of all data types, from any source at petabyte scale.

    InfoArchive reduces IT costs and complexity, mitigates risk and derives new value from archived information. It manages structured and unstructured information from multiple applications, removing information silos and streamlining access control and compliance.

    InfoArchive is ideal for companies that must:

    • Audit and preserve data and content to meet increased regulatory mandates
    • Store information in an open, industry-standard format for long-term retention and access
    • Ingest and retain structured or unstructured data types in a consolidated repository
    • Provide a compliant data source for Big Data analytics
    • Administer simple to complex retention policies via centralized retention policy management
  • EMC Interoperability Environment  

    EMC Select Products
    OpenText - InfoArchive

    Interoperable EMC Product
    Example: Dell EMC CLARiiON CX300, CX3-10, CX3-20, AX100, AX150
    Dell EMC Isilon
    Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)
    Dell EMC Isilon scale-out NAS
    Dell EMC Centera
    Dell EMC Application Archiving & Retirement Service

  • Learn more

    About OpenText

    OpenText provides a comprehensive platform and suite of software products and services that assist organizations in finding, utilizing, and sharing business information from any device in ways which are intuitive, efficient and productive. Our software and services allow organizations to manage the information that flows into, out of, and throughout the enterprise as part of daily operations. Our solutions help to improve customer satisfaction and digital experience, gain analytical insight, improve collaboration with business partners, address the legal and business requirements associated with information governance, and help to ensure that information remains secure and private, as demanded in today's highly regulated climate.



    Streamline Data Protection Suite Migrations

    The Catalog Engine allows simplified migration to EMC Data Protection Suite, while maintaining access to legacy data without the need for the original backup software. The Catalog Engine searches, manages and restores tape data so legacy software can be retired.

    The ability to index and search tapes also enables you to move sensitive content to an archive for legal and compliance needs and remediate the legacy tapes to recoup offsite storage fees.

    The Catalog Engines supports:

    • Ingestion of IBM TSM, Veritas NetBackup, and Commvault catalogs.
    • Deep indexing of relevant backup tapes, making individual files and email searchable.
    • Discovery of relevant content based on metadata or keywords.
    • Extraction of any content, email databases, mailboxes, or files to disk or EMC ECS cloud storage.
    • Retirement of legacy backup software and maintenance costs.
  • EMC Interoperability Environment  

    Catalyst for Backup Management

    Data Domain


    Iomart Backup as a Service Portal

    iomart has partnered with EMC to offer its BaaS solution, based on their enterprise grade platforms, Avamar and Data Domain, and configured and managed through iomart’s proprietary web portal.

    iomart’s Backup Portal provides a simple web based interface to Avamar systems. The Portal has been designed to be simple, allowing users to easily provision and manage backup jobs with minimal training.

    In addition to simplicity, the Portal allows Avamar to be configured and managed as a multi tenanted Cloud backup solution. The portal uses all of the key advantages of Avamar and Data Domain, allowing granular/full backups and restores of mission critical apps.

    • Self-service recovery of files/folders/entire systems
    • Policy creation for datasets and retention
    • Backup usage statistics, history, and trends
    • Backup success and failure job status
    • Support for mission critical apps with agent deployment
  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    Portal as a Service


    Ontrack PowerControls enables IT administrators to easily search and restore Exchange, SharePoint and SQL data - without having to restore the entire database. By eliminating the need to build a recovery server or restore an entire backup just to restore a few items, Ontrack PowerControls offers significant time and cost savings.

    • Search, preview, and restore a single table from a SQL database backup in seconds. No need to restore the entire database, saving hours of time in the process.
    • Restore individual messages, mailboxes, or entire EDB files from your Exchange backup environment directly to a production Exchange Server, another Exchange Server, or to a file system.
    • Restore individual items, lists, libraries, folders, entire sites, and site collections from your SharePoint Server backups
  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    Ontrack PowerControls EMC Data Protection and Storage Products


    NTP Software provides solutions for analysis, management, and movement of unstructured data in EMC VNX, Isilon, and Atmos environments. This solution provides customers with highly scalable enterprise-wide, policy-based control of unstructured data over any number of tiers.

    Solutions include:

    • NTP Software VFM — Provide for highly scalable data movement and retrieval between storage tiers in CIFS, NFS and Cloud environments.
    • NTP Software QFS — Set enterprise policies on how much storage users and departments can use, what types of files can be stored on the network and where.
    • NTP Software File Reporter — Obtain detailed visibility into unstructured data storage at user, department and enterprise levels on EMC and competitive platforms.
    • NTP Software File Auditor — Monitor your data assets and gain an immediate view of who is accessing what documents across your entire business.
  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    NTP Software EMC VNX, EMC Celerra, EMC Isilon, EMC Atmos, EMC CLARiiON, EMC Symmetrix when connected to Microsoft Windows hosts


    Spanning Backup for Google Apps

    Spanning by EMC is a trusted provider of data protection solutions for SaaS applications. It’s suite of products helps organizations meet compliance requirements and protect against data loss caused by user error, malicious behavior, misconfigurations and integrations.

    • Spanning Backup for Office 365: - Automated backup and restore for Mail, Calendars and OneDrive (Q216)
    • Spanning Backup for Salesforce: - Automated backup and restore for Salesforce.com and Force.com data, files and customizations
    • Spanning Backup for Google Apps: - Automated backup and restore for Gmail, Drive, Calendars, Contacts and Sites
    • Enterprise-grade security: - SSAE 16 SOC 2; HIPAA, full data encryption at rest & in transit.

    Spanning Backup is a subscription-based service that installs in minutes and empowers rapid restores by admins and end users.

  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    Spanning Backup for Google Apps -                
    Spanning Backup for Salesforce -                
    Spanning Backup for Office 365 -                


    Spectra libraries unleash the true potential of tape offering the greatest scalability and the best TCO of any tape solution.

    TFinity, T950, T680, T380, and T200—Enterprise Tape Libraries
    Spectra Enterprise Libraries seamlessly scale to the largest data storage system on the planet. They have industry leading density, lowest power consumption, and an intuitive user interface that is the same across all product lines.

    T120 and T50e—Midrange libraries designed to safeguard your data 
    The Spectra T120 and T50e are the only midrange libraries on the market that utilize the same interface and advanced feature set as their enterprise counterparts.

  • EMC Interoperability Environment  

    Spectra TFinity, T950, T680, T380, T200, T120, T50e

    EMC Connectrix, EMC VNX, EMC NetWorker

  • Get more value out of your EMC cloud and virtualization solutions by combining them with EMC Select Technology Connect software products.


    Puppet is a configuration management solution that allows you to define the state of your IT infrastructure, and then automatically enforces the desired state. Puppet automates every step of the software delivery process, from provisioning, orchestration, and reporting to early-stage code development, testing, and production release.

    Automate Your Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Environment

    Organizations use Puppet Enterprise to automate change regardless of where the workload is placed, giving EMC customers greater agility and choice when delivering applications to users.


    • Visibility into the state of the system
    • Proactive and automated remediation of issues
    • Improved efficiency in performing maintenance
    • Complete auditability to satisfy compliance requirements
    • Change management policy enforcement
    • Consistent application blueprints for faster application development
  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    Puppet Enterprise 3.8 and later EMC Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud


    Syncplicity is a leader in content collaboration platforms, providing enterprises with secure mobile access to files across the enterprise, regardless of storage location or storage type. Syncplicity gives enterprises storage choice and granular flexible security policies that are delivered in a seamless user experience providing anywhere, anytime access to files on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

    Customers have the freedom to deploy storage on-premises in a physical private cloud, off-premises in a virtual private cloud or in a multitenant private cloud, or any combination of these options to deliver a flexible hybrid-cloud architecture that is transparent to end users and customers.

    • Consolidate and Modernize Your IT Infrastructure.
    • Enable a Digital Workplace without changing end-user behavior.
    • Secure and Govern Data both inside and outside your Enterprise.
  • EMC Interoperability Environment  

    Syncplicity Enterprise Edition

    ECS, Unity, VNX, Isilon, Virtustream


    VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

    VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager provides disaster recovery management and automation for VMware infrastructure. vCenter Site Recovery Manager integrates with EMC storage replication software to make failover and recovery rapid, reliable, affordable, and manageable. This enables you to take the risk of disaster recovery while expanding protection to your infrastructure.

    vCenter Site Recovery Manager and EMC enable users to:

    • Accelerate recovery by automating execution of failover.
    • Simplify the creation and management of recovery plans by making disaster recovery an integrated element of managing your virtualized environment.
    • Improve the reliability of recovery plans by eliminating complex manual recovery steps and enabling nondisruptive testing of recovery plans.
    • Improve compliance with disaster recovery documentation and testing requirements.
  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager EMC Celerra Replicator, EMC MirrorView, EMC RecoverPoint, EMC SRDF
  • High-end servers that address extreme customer demands and compliment the Dell EMC lineup.


    Bull bullion™ is a complete range of scale-up x86 servers for mission-critical and high-performance applications. The server architecture scales up to 16 CPUs and supports an exceptional memory capacity of up to 24TB. The bullion server’s superior scalability makes it the ideal scale-up platform for very large big data application, in-memory and real-time workloads, e.g. data analytics and SAP HANA. Dell EMC software, compute and storage solutions customers can add bullion servers to their data centers to maximize scalability for enterprise workloads.

    Bullion offers:

    • Improves business productivity and IT efficiency by its ultra-flexible modular architecture
    • Optimize operation by leveraging one consistent compute building block
    • eliminates cabling and simplifies datacenter operations
    • SAP certified for very large SAP HANA configurations - up to 16 CPUs and 16 TB of data

    Various bullion appliances are available for: SAP HANA workloads, databases, security information and event management, and Real-time analytics and data lakes.

  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    bullion S4, bullion S8 and bullion S16 Dell EMC storage
  • Get more value out of your EMC Big Data solutions by combining them with EMC Select Technology Connect software products.



    BlueData uses Docker containers to make it easier, faster, and more cost-effective to deploy infrastructure and applications for big data analytics and data science. With BlueData, you can enable Big-Data-as-a-Service in a highly flexible and secure multi-tenant enterprise deployment – either on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid architecture.

    BlueData EPIC Software Platform

    With the BlueData EPIC software platform, you can:

    • Spin up instant clusters – for Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, and other analytics and data science tools – running in containers
    • Minimize the need to move data, by separating compute and storage for big data environments
    • Ensure security and control, with comparable performance to bare-metal big data implementations
    • Together, Dell EMC and BlueData provide a comprehensive solution to accelerate time-to-value and reduce TCO for big data infrastructure in the enterprise.


    Cloudera is revolutionizing enterprise data management with the first unified platform for Big Data, an enterprise data hub built on Apache Hadoop. Cloudera offers enterprises one place to store, process, and analyze all their data, empowering them to extend the value of existing investments while enabling fundamental new ways to derive value from their data.


    Cloudera Enterprise helps your business realize pervasive analytics by leveraging best-in-class technologies with enterprise capabilities necessary to meet even the most stringent business requirements. Designed specifically for mission-critical environments, Cloudera Enterprise includes the world’s most popular open source Hadoop-based platform, CDH, as well as advanced system management tools. It also features dedicated support and community advocacy from our world-class team of Hadoop developers and experts.

  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    Cloudera Enterprise EMC Isilon



    Hortonworks delivers Open Enterprise Hadoop. Architected, developed, and built completely in the open, Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) offers the latest in community-driven Hadoop innovation. Apache Hadoop® is an open source framework for distributed storage and processing of large sets of data. Hadoop enables businesses to quickly gain insight from massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.

    Hortonworks is certified to:

    • Run Hadoop on Isilon – Utilize the robust, scalable Isilon infrastructure with Hadoop. Through engineering collaboration with EMC, the HDP has been put through rigorous Hadoop testing platforms to deliver enterprise grade Hadoop running natively on Isilon's file system.
    • Back up Hadoop with Data Domain – Gain enterprise grade backup and recovery for Hadoop with Data Domain.
    • Hadoop on ECS – ECS 2.2 has been tested and certified on HDP 2.3.
  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    Hortonworks Data Platform EMC Isilon
      EMC Data Domain
      EMC ECS


    Splunk Enterprise: The Platform for Operational Intelligence

    • Collects and indexes log and machine data from any source
    • Empowers users of all types with powerful search, analysis and visualization capabilities
    • Provides app solutions for IT ops, business analysis and more
    • Enables visibility across on premises, cloud and hybrid environments
    • Delivers the scale and availability to suit any organization

    Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

    • Integrates and aggregates data across the enterprise to reduce silos
    • Provides a simple and powerful framework to map data into services, detects anomalies and root causes, and pinpoints areas of impact to enable efficient service ops and IT service excellence
    • Weights and provides thresholds for data to define service rules
    • Visually maps services to discover actionable insights
    • Organizes and correlates metrics and events for faster investigations
  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    Splunk Enterprise XtremIO
    Splunk IT Service Intelligence Isilon


    Varonis is a leading provider of software solutions that protect data from insider threats and cyberattacks. Varonis allows organizations to analyze, secure, manage, and migrate their volumes of unstructured data.

    Varonis empowers enterprises to discover where sensitive data is overexposed, prioritize vulnerable and stale data, and lock it down without interrupting business - using deep analysis of metadata, machine learning, and advanced UBA. Varonis builds context around the content of data and activity and monitors for suspicious activity, including unusual access to sensitive data, abnormal user behavior and file activity to protect against potential exploitation.

    With Varonis, EMC Isilon customers can audit, manage and protect their data – including NFS auditing on Isilon 7.2.

  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    DatAdvantage, DataPrivilege, IDU Classification Framework, Data Transport Engine, DatAnswers EMC Celerra, EMC VNX, EMC Isilon
  • Optimize storage resources to achieve application service level and cost objectives using storage management built for the cloud. Transform existing heterogeneous storage into a simple, open, and extensible virtual storage platform.


    Brocade ICX IP switches are the foundation for connectivity in IP storage networks. They are designed for a wide range of EMC environments — enabling a low TCO and fast ROI. Brocade's data center switches provide a complete portfolio for EMC’s Data Center IP storage connectivity solutions. Models include the ICX 6430, 7250, 7450 and 7750 switches; offering enterprise functionality and stackable switching at an entry-level price. The Brocade 5600 virtual router offers networking functions like routing, firewall and VPN in software.

    The Brocade virtual Traffic Manager (vTM) offers virtual Application Delivery Controller capabilities for software based network traffic management (IP Load Balancing, SSL Offload, Security, etc.).

    The Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform (AMP) allows deep Fibre Channel network monitoring. It non-disruptively attaches to Brocade and EMC 16Gb FC platforms.

  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    Brocade ICX EMC VNXe, VNX, Data Domain
    Brocade vTM (Virtual Traffic Manager) EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, ECS, , VxRAIL, VxRACK, VPLEX
    Brocade Analytics Monitoring Platform (AMP) EMC VNXe, VNX, VMAX3
    Brocade Vyatta Virtual Router EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud, ECS, VxRAIL, VxRACK


    Emulex products include:

    • LightPulse® Fibre Channel HBA—4 Gb/s , 8 Gb/s, and 16Gb/s HBAs are installed in the server to provide Fibre Channel connectivity from the server to the storage area network (SAN). They are available in single-, dual-, and quad-channel options and are tested and qualified by EMC. Emulex HBAs are supported by a wide range of operating system environments including Microsoft Windows, Solaris, VMware, and Linux.
  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    LightPulse HBAs EMC Celerra products, EMC CLARiiON products, EMC Ionix ControlCenter products, EMC PowerPath products, EMC Symmetrix products, VMware products


    Panduit provides validated physical infrastructures for all VSPEX reference architectures to ensure rapid deployment and optimum performance. Pre-configured, rack-ready solutions streamline the entire lifecycle with a single part number for quoting and procuring complete infrastructures (excluding active gear). Key benefits include significant time savings and reduced risk across the procurement, installation and upgrade process for the lowest TCO.

    • Pre-Configured Physical Infrastructures for VSPEX offer a range of solutions to support VSPEX reference architectures for Private Cloud and End User Computing. Includes:
      • VPSEX branded energy efficient cabinets
      • Pre-labeled fiber and copper connectivity bundles
      • Integrated grounding and bonding
      • Thermal and cable management
      • Model-kit assembly and port-mapped cabling instructions
    • VSPEX branded base cabinets - available for unique configurations
  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    Pre-Configured Physical Infrastructure EMC VSPEX Infrastructure
    EMC VNX and VNXe Series Storage
    VSPEX Branded Cabinets EMC VSPEX Infrastructure
    EMC VNX and VNXe Series Storage



    Smartoptics Solution develops simple and cost effective embedded dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) systems that work directly in FC switches instead of separate stand-alone systems.


    The Smartoptics Solution delivers wavelength specific DWDM optical transceivers connecting directly into the Fibre Channel switch. Transmits the output signal from the switch as a specific optical wavelength with 8G FC up to 80 km, 16G FC up to 40 km. Introduces a minimum of latency, ideal for latency sensitive applications such as synchronous replication and metroclusters. Optics approved and supported by Brocade and Cisco.

    Combined with the optical transceiver Smartoptics solution also includes open line systems. The line system multiplexes and extends the reach for longer distances, up to 150 km point-to-point for synchronous 16 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) replication.

    In addition to the Smartoptics own optical transceivers, the open line system solution accepts any combination of embedded DWDM optics, transponders and muxponders. A true open line networking with no restrictions.

    The solution provides the power of a traditional DWDM system in a 1U plug-and-forget platform.

  • EMC Interoperability Environment  

    Dell EMC Select Products

    Interoperable Dell EMC Product

    16G-ER-Dxxx-BR2 Connectrix B-Series switches (FOS 8.0.2d or higher)
    16G-ER-Dxxx-BR1 Connectrix B-Series switches (FOS 7.4.2c or higher)
    DS-16G-ER-Dxxxx Connectrix MDS series (OS 6.2(19) or higher, or NX-OS 8.2(1) or higher)


    Virtual Instruments’ VirtualWisdom is an App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management platform. It is a HW/SW solution that complements Dell EMC Products with real-time monitoring and performance-based correlation, analytics and intelligence, to ensure performance for mission critical, latency sensitive applications. Use cases include end-to-end IT Infrastructure monitoring, analytics-driven decision support and troubleshooting, and performance assurance for SLA adherence.

    Comprehensive Visibility

    From the broadest to the most granular level—confidently manage system-wide performance.

    Analytics-Driven Decision Support

    Enable every team member to take-action based on the same definitive insights, by dynamically exploring the right information at the right time.

    True ROI

    IT teams can finally align infrastructure spend to performance and demonstrate ROI to leadership and lines of business.

  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    VirtualWisdom UI and Performance-based analytics
    SAN Availability Probe VMAX
    SANInsight TAPs VNX, Unity
    SAN Performance Probe VPLEX
    Virtual Server Probe VxBlock, Vblock
    SANInsight TAPs VSPEX
  • Simplify and efficiently manage your data migrations to EMC’s state-of-the-art storage solutions from Isilon and VNX.


    DobiMiner is purpose-built NAS and CAS platform migration software that has revolutionized technology transitions for customers—providing a faster, easier, and smarter way to migrate their environment with an unparalleled level of service.

    DobiMiner Benefits:

    • Reduce Time: Reduces the time it takes to migrate from any platform to any new platform
    • Reduce Business Disruption: Minimizes the disruption to ongoing business operations and allows you to run the migration project as transparently and non-intrusively as possible
    • Mitigate Risk: Reduces the risk inherent in a complex, manual process. DobiMiner’s automation, advanced engineering, and embedded intelligence provides peace of mind so you know your data is safe
    • Increase Visibility: Allows you to have complete visibility into your data at all stages of the migration project with accurate and real-time progress reporting via a GUI
  • EMC Interoperability Environment  
    DobiMiner Celerra, Centera, Data Domain, ECS, Isilon, ViPR, VNX, Unity

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