• Dell EMC Storage Automation and Developer Resources

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    Dell EMC Storage Automation and Developer Resources

    Dell Solutions with Intel®
    • Make Storage Administrators more effective and developers more productive

      Dell EMC storage products support interfaces and integrations that enable users to automate and streamline storage operations. APIs & SDKs are available to support a variety of scripting needs. Integration with orchestration tools and automation frameworks enable users to implement Infrastructure as Code. Dell EMC storage products also let users deploy and manage applications using containers in a Kubernetes environment.

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    • Make the best use of storage automation capabilities

      • Downloadable software and source code for integration with automation tools and orchestration suites
      • Documentation including syntax and coding examples
      • Video training with instructor-led implementation and use cases
    • Dell EMC Storage Automation, Operation and Development Resources

      Find software and assistance to help you simplify storage operations and integrate Dell EMC storage products into data center automation products.

    • RESTful API VMAX, Unity, XtremIO, VxFlexOS, ScaleIO, Isilon, FlexOS

      Storage Array SDK/API

      Explore APIs/SDKs to support programmatic monitoring and control of the Dell EMC storage array by mechanisms ranging from scripting languages to automation products.

      Dell EMC Unity Unisphere APIs >

      Isilon OneFS APIs >

      Isilon Python SDK (Community maintained) >

      PowerMax Unisphere APIs >

      VMAX Python Library (Community maintained) >

      VxFlex OS APIs >

      XtremIO Python SDK >

    • Ansible IaS for VMAX, XtremIO, ScaleIO

      Ansible Modules

      Ansible delivers a powerful, yet simple automation engine that ends manual, time-consuming repetitive tasks and frees up IT teams for more strategic work. Dell EMC is developing a collection of storage modules to automate storage administration, provisioning, and consumption for a growing list of storage platforms. These modules enable the operations teams to rapidly provision storage infrastructure with accuracy to respond to the fast-paced needs of application developers.

      PowerMax/VMAX Ansible Modules >


      VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) Plugins

      VMware vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) is an IT process automation tool that allows automated management and operational tasks across both VMware and third-party applications. Dell EMC Storage Workflows for vRO augment the capabilities of VMware’s vRealize Orchestrator solution by providing access to storage array-specific management workflows, such as storage administration, provisioning and consumption.

      XtremIO vRO Plugin >

      PowerMax vRO Plugin >


      Container Storage Interface (CSI) Drivers

      Container technologies tremendously increase speed, efficiency and portability of application deployment. However, stateful applications require persistent storage which has a lifecycle that is independent of the pod that uses it. Container Storage Interface is a standardized API for container orchestration platforms (COs) to talk to storage plugins for persistent storage. Dell EMC is building CSI plugins for a growing list of storage platforms to enable new and legacy applications to be deployed in a containerized environment.

      XtremIO CSI Driver >

      CSI Driver for VxFlex OS >

      CSI Driver for PowerMax >

    • From Scripting to Infrastructure as Code

      Dell EMC storage array products provide the integrations and interfaces to let you deploy and control your storage the way you want – from basic scripting for simple operation through deep integration with automation frameworks to help you on the journey to Infrastructure as Code.


      Storage Automation Resources


      Getting Started with VMAX REST API

      VMAX automation resources for beginners

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      PowerMax REST API Information Hub

      Reference to the PowerMax REST APIs

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      XtremIO Blog

      Get up close and personal with the ideas and insights of an XtremIO expert.

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