• ScaleIO Solutions Supporting Any Application At Any Scale

    ScaleIO is purposely designed to be an enterprise-grade scale-out software-defined storage solution. It applies the principles of server virtualization to standard x86 server flash and hybrid media, turning them into high performance, sharable, pools of storage. Whether your block storage needs are for traditional, modern or cloud workloads, ScaleIO has you covered.

    • Array Consolidation

      You've grown to the point where you're operating multiple, siloes of storage and are dealing with the challenges of each arrays’ lifecycle. With ScaleIO, you can consolidate and reduce the footprint of your data center– simplifying the lifecycle and achieving greater TCO benefits.

      Data Center Grade Software-Defined Storage

      IaaS/Private Cloud

      Private clouds and IaaS require greater elasticity and agility in order to scale to meet changes in demand. ScaleIO automatically and dynamically provisions storage using just software and standard x86 hardware. The “pay-as-you-grow” model means you can reach whatever scale you need, when you need it, without impacting applications or services.

      What Facebook and Google Taught Enterprise IT

      Platform 3

      Modern applications require new approaches to your storage strategy. Whether it is DevOps, micro services or agility from containers, automation, flexibility and ease of operation are no longer optional. ScaleIO pairs industry standard server hardware with the freedom and flexibility of a software-defined infrastructure, enabling you to develop applications faster.

      Deploy Your Containers With Dell EMC Scaleio