EMC RecoverPoint provides continuous data protection with multiple recovery points to restore applications instantly to a specific point in time.




    Protect applications with bidirectional synchronous and asynchronous replication and digital video recorder (DVR)-like recovery in physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.




    Minimize network utilization with unique bandwidth compression and deduplication, significantly reducing replicated data over the network.




    Streamline disaster recovery testing of your application environment while production replication continues unaffected.




    Gain advanced, three-site topology for continuous availability, disaster recovery, and continuous data protection recovery enabled by combining EMC VPLEX Metro and RecoverPoint.


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  • Dell EMC RecoverPoint provides continuous data protection for operational recovery and disaster recovery. It enables any-point-in-time recovery for diversified storage environments both within and across data centers.

    Should your data become compromised or lost, you'll be able to go back in time and recover that data in a consistent state. RecoverPoint technology makes data loss reversible so you can be assured that your data is safe. It extends VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) functionality with any point-in-time recovery capabilities.

    Combining RecoverPoint 4.1 and Dell EMC VPLEX 5.4, MetroPoint topology enables data replication from an Dell EMC VPLEX Metro region of two data centers to a third site over distance and provides disaster recovery that can sustain two-site failures. It helps organization to achieve a new level of continuous availability, disaster recovery, and continuous data protection that can sustain multisite failures.



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