• Dell EMC Disk Library for mainframe


    • Transform your mainframe environment through revolutionary storage and data protection products from Dell EMC. Achieve performance and scalability automation, modernization and consolidation using Dell EMC mainframe solutions including VMAX All Flash primary storage, data protection with Disk Library for mainframe, and storage connectivity with the Connectrix family. 

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  • Why Dell EMC for Mainframe

    Dell EMC has a 25+ year history of innovation in mainframe storage solutions that give users great flexibility in managing and protecting the most critical component of their mainframe investment: their data. Our flagship DASD offering, the VMAX 950F All Flash array, offers customers full compatibility with key IBM z Systems technologies, such as zHPF extended distance II, while also providing innovative solutions for data protection and recovery like zDPTM. Dell EMC fundamentally changed the expectations of mainframe tape with the introduction of the Disk Library for mainframe (DLm), a ‘tape on disk’ solution designed to eliminate physical tape forever from the modern mainframe datacenter.