Isilon Scale-Out NAS: Simple is Smart

    Are you facing an upgrade from a legacy scale-up NAS solution? Spoiler alert: Scaling out is simple, scaling up is not. 

    Make the Switch to Isilon Scale-Out NAS
    • What you face when upgrading your legacy scale-up NAS

      •   Complexity

        Legacy systems are often time-consuming to manage, difficult to expand and become more complex as your data grows

      •   Over-Provisioning

        The raw storage utilization of legacy storage is typically around 55%

      •   Inflexibility

        Complex architecture that is difficult to scale — from both a performance and capacity perspective

    • Why Isilon scale-out NAS is the better choice

      •   Simplicity

        Break the link between capacity and complexity. Focus on the projects that matter1

      •   Efficiency

        Industry leading efficiency, up to double that of the competition2

      •   Scalability

        Grow as you go — performance that scales with capacity

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