• Discover how we work with our customers who are transforming businesses, shaping the future of innovation and developing solutions to drive human progress, leveraging our complete portfolio of Dell EMC storage products from enterprise, midrange to entry and unstructured data storage.

    • PowerMax customer references

      Customer: Boston Scientific

      Boston Scientific relies on Dell EMC to drive innovation to advance science for life

      Boston Scientific relies on PowerMax to optimize the use of data to develop state-of-the-art implanted medical devices, procedures and treatment that healthcare providers need to improve patients’ lives.

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    • PowerMax case study

      Customer: AIDS Healthcare Foundation

      The mission of AIDS Healthcare Foundation is to provide cutting edge care with advocacy for more than 1.1 million people worldwide

      AIDS Healthcare Foundation selected PowerMax for the exceptional performance and efficiency of NVMe flash storage to deliver care and advocacy for AIDS patients worldwide. 

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    • PowerMax storage reviews

      Customer: Gordon Food Service

      Serving up data is a recipe for success at Gordon Food Service

      To route its fleet of 2,700 truck efficiently and ensure cost-effective pricing, Gordon Food Service requires responsive, reliable access to data and relies on PowerMax.

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    • PowerMax customer story

      Customer: Plex Systems

      Manufacturing success in the cloud with PowerMax

      Plex looks to NVMe flash storage to achieve scalability, reliability, and performance to meet manufacturers’ needs from the shop floor to the top floor.

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    • PowerMax customer story

      Customer: Rackspace

      Powering an enterprise that runs on data

      As a leader in managed cloud services, Rackspace chose PowerMax with end-to-end NVMe to gain a 4x improvement in performance for their customer’s critical workloads.

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    • PowerMax case study

      Customer: REYL Group

      PowerMax delivers sub-millisecond response times for better client service

      Swiss-based private bank, REYL, relies on PowerMax arrays to better leverage data for innovative client solutions and services.

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    • Dell EMC Unity customer story

      Customer: Draper

      Draper is changing the world through innovative technology solutions

      Dell EMC's Unity has far exceeded Draper's expectations with its huge increase in performance, significant cost savings and overall simplicity.

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    • Dell EMC Unity storage customer stories

      Customer: Rio Grande Corporation

      Dell EMC Unity keeps the trains running

      Dell EMC's Unity has put Rio Grande Pacific in a position to continue its aggressive growth through performance, scalability, and increased speed.

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    • Dell EMC Unity reviews

      Customer: Atlantis The Palm

      Atlantis The Palm enables Dell EMC Unity for fabulous guest experiences

      With Dell EMC Unity network attached storage, Atlantis The Palm houses files and data in a centralized, efficient IT environment.

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    • Customer: Washington University

      Tales of Transformation with Dell EMC Isilon

      Washington University and NASA bring archived data to life with Isilon All-Flash by increasing access speeds while protecting sensitive data; more time is freed up for fun.

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    • Isilon customer stories

      Customer: Important Looking Pirates

      Innovative artistry shines at visual effects studio

      Important Looking Pirates creates stunning, breakthrough visual effects and locks in workflow and productivity gains with fire-powered, scalable IT solution.

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    • Isilon case study

      Customer: City of Huntsville

      Public safety enhanced by immediate video access

      With faster video retrieval, police in Huntsville, Alabama, review incidents in minutes, while the city’s IT staff save hundreds of hours each month in managing this critical storage.

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    • Isilon storage reviews

      Customer: Jam Filled Entertainment

      Jam Filled brings cartoons to life on the fly with intelligent storage

      This creative animation producer depends on Dell EMC Isilon to easily and efficiently grow and shrink its IT infrastructure to keep pace with fluctuating project flows, workloads, and staff size.

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    • Isilon customer references

      Customer: Zenuity

      Dell EMC delivers the full package for ADAS

      Zenuity focuses on how they use Dell EMC technologies to deliver end-to-end solutions to accelerate the development of world-class driver-assistance technologies.

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    • Isilon customer story review

      Customer: Personalis

      Rapid analysis of tumors advances cancer treatment

      Personalis scales to massive genomic analysis workload and helps next-gen cancer therapies reach patients faster.

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    • Customer: Draper

      Lowering total-cost-of-ownership

      ECS helps boost efficiency, cut risk, and reduce capital costs by replacing storage and backup silos with a seamless platform.

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    • ECS customer references

      Customer: Verizon Labs

      Focusing on the application

      ECS enables Verizon Labs developers to focus on application development without worrying about data management

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    • ECS storage reviews

      Customer: Phoenix Children’s Hospital

      Faster time-to-value

      ECS object storage helps Phoenix Children’s Hospital extract terabytes of data in less than an hour.

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    • SC Series storage customer stories

      Customer: Gerrie Electric

      Midsize company finds power, simplicity, and value

      SC All Flash arrays reduce cost with easy-to-manage solution that "just works."

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    • SC Series storage reviews

      Customer: TGEN

      With Dell EMC SC Series, TGen can focus on helping scientists get their jobs done

      By almost basically tripling their capacity, TGen has been able to reduce the amount of staff time and focus on their primary mission–saving lives.

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    • SC Series case study

      Customer: Frost Science

      Leading technology on display

      SC9000 all flash configuration with Dell PowerEdge servers drives performance and space savings for innovative science museum.

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    • SC Series customer story

      Customer: Rovognati

      Rovagnati delivers reliability with enhanced logistics operation and production

      With Dell EMC SC Series arrays, Rovagnati has increased storage speed by four times and capacity by fifty percent.

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      Customer: Teddy Smith

      Fashion brand covered with 50% more efficiency with SC Series

      Well known clothing line in France, Teddy Smith, describes why SC Series was their choice for new IT infrastructure.

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    • SC Series customer story

      Customer: Ascend Money

      Where the smart money is going in terms of IT

      Fintech company Ascend Money enhances its pace of innovation by moving toward a software-defined data center with Dell EMC storage, servers, and VMware. vSAN 

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    • XtremIO customer story

      Customer: American Red Cross

      American Red Cross transforms blood services via fast, high-availability, all-flash storage

      With XtremIO, America Red Cross has streamlined blood supply processing, distribution, and tracking of this critical and highly perishable product. 

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    • XtremIO storage customer story

      Customer: Callaway Golf

      Helping Callaway Golf stay in the swing of things

      Callaway turned to XtremIO to drive its digital transformation and modernize its data center. 

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    • XtremIO case study

      Customer: Christus Health

      Christus Health delivers high-quality, compassionate healthcare

      Christus Health switched to XtremIO to improve storage performance, cut costs and simplify management to deliver better care for patients in the U.S., Mexico, Chile and Columbia.

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    • XtremIO customer references

      Customer: Harel Insurance

      Harel Insurance delivers a better customer experience with XtremIO

      Growing at an extraordinary 30% rate year over year, Harel was facing competitive challenges and needed a better way to respond to customers and deliver new financial services.

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    • XtremIO customer reference

      Customer: Mitsubishi Motors

      Accelerating the efficiency of automobile design

      Mitsubishi Motors continues to empower staff through digitization and created an environment with XtremIO X2 where staff gained 92% faster access to data.

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    • XtremIO case study

      Customer: VMware

      VMware accelerates innovation through virtualization

      When VMware decided to implement SAP HANA as its primary business intelligence platform, its IT team chose XtremIO X2 all-flash arrays.

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