• HPC by the Numbers

    Developing innovative high-performance computing and AI technologies
    through community collaboration for world-class HPC systems.

    • $551 to $1 

      HPC ROI 1

    • ~25% 

      of servers are for HPC 2

    • 50% 

      of life sciences will require HPC by the end of 2018 3

  • Typical HPC and AI Innovation Lab Projects

    • Cluster comparison

      Test your workload on our two main clusters to see which one delivers the best performance.

    • System parameter sweep

      Set up a system test bed to find out what combination of core count, system RAM, processor speed and so on optimizes application performance.

    • Graphics processing unit (GPU) test comparison

      Find out which GPU works best for your needs.

    • Efficiency tuning

      Determine the optimum basic input/output system (BIOS) and other settings and configurations for your workload.

    • Network testing

      Figure out which HPC network is best for your performance requirements.

    • Storage system optimization

      Build and test HPC storage and file systems, tiered or otherwise, for optimum performance.