• When you embrace Microsoft SQL Server, you’ll be able to gain deeper insights from all your data. With capabilities that go beyond business intelligence, SQL Server performs advanced analytics within your database and presents rich visualizations for business insights.

    • Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Microsoft SQL are designed for superior performance, significant cost savings and future-ready scalability. Over the past decade, successful companies have increasingly turned to Dell EMC to support their mission-critical workloads, including database and business intelligence applications.

    • 42%

      Increase in transactions per second 1

    • 43%

      Increase in batch requests per second 1

    • 90%

      Faster SQL query times 2

  • Use cases for Microsoft SQL Server

    • Real-time operational intelligence

      Microsoft SQL Server delivers real-time operational intelligence by combining built-in advanced analytics and in-memory technology without having to move the data or impact end-user performance.


    • Enterprise-scale data warehousing

      Microsoft SQL Server provides enhanced in-memory column store that increases query performance by over 100X versus disk-based solutions. Customers can also access optimized MPP scale-out software that can be combined with scale-out appliance architecture with the Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS).

    • New data-intensive applications

      Microsoft SQL Server can combine relational data with non-relational data using built-in PolyBase technology that allows queries against structured and unstructured data with the simplicity of T-SQL.