• Oracle® databases play a critical role in today’s enterprises, handling massive amounts of data and transactions that produce revenue and drive business insights.

    • The Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Oracle enables Oracle databases and other applications to run efficiently in the same rack, so you can enjoy high availability with sub-millisecond response times while reducing costs and simplifying your environment.

  • The number one solution for the world's number one database

    • 55%

      Lower Base Cost,
      when comparing small, mid, and large-size configurations with Exadata1

    • Six 9s

      Of Availability With VMAX,
      with only 30 sec. to 1 min. downtime per year2

    • Up to 20%

      Lower Licensing Costs,
      thanks to Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers with Intel® Xeon® Processors3

  • Solve Oracle Database Problems


      Safeguard Availability

      The Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Oracle supports both production OLAP and OLTP along with test/dev environments in a single virtualized environment. So, when application owners and admins fix bugs, optimize an existing workload, and test patches or updates, applications continue to access critical data at the speed of business.


      Increase Efficiency

      The Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Oracle has optimized all-flash VMAX storage, combined with VMware® virtualization, enabling consolidation onto fewer servers and storage arrays for lower CapEx and OpEx.


      Simplify the Environment

      The Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Oracle shortens the design cycle and configuration time with a solution that’s tested and validated with OLAP, OLTP and test/dev running in the same environment for easier planning and deployment.