• VDI for Security, Manageament & Lower Total Cost

      The VDI services make sense for today’s IT organizations. VDI addresses the main pain points of security, management and decreasing costs and as a result is driving adoption of virtual desktop infrastructure deployments.   We provide a complete solution to ensure success the first time by delivering the required expertise in assessment, system design, application delivery, desktop deployment, integration, security and systems management.

    • Key Benefits

      • Security – Gain control of end-point with VDI
      • Management – Meet service and availability targets 
      • Lower total cost – decreased cost of implementation, deployment, licensing and overall management provides lower cost per seat


    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Consulting Services

    • What We Offer


      Benefits  What You Get
      Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Consulting Services
      • Move computing resources back into the data center to simplify management and improve efficiency of both technology and personnel resource utilization
      • Assess technology needs and requirements for all users, creating organizational persona types
      • Give your users the tools they need to be productive—anywhere, anytime
      • Integrate the design into the current computing environment and resolve potential roadblocks 
      • Partner verified end-to-end solutions
      • Full suite of HW / SW / Services solutions
      • Collaboration Tool integration
      • End-to-end security
    • Improved flexibility, efficiency, adaptability to new business models, and maintenance cost reductions — these are all reasons why we deployed a VDI solution from Dell EMC.

      Andrea Laura Mirson, Technical Chief, Artear