Modernize applications and implement DevOps best practices.

      Market demands are constantly evolving and IT businesses need the right technology and working practices to stay competitive. Dell Technologies Consulting Services can help you achieve this.

      Dell Technologies Consulting Services enables you to harness cloud native software and improve the way your development and operations teams work together. By replatforming applications for Pivotal Cloud Foundry and following our DevOps best practices, your IT organization can become agile, productive and competitive.

    • Transition to modern application development with DevOps



      Improve IT performance and agility

      Our DevOps services help enhance your software development processes. By guiding your teams towards better performance and responsiveness, we enable you to remain competitive in an ever-changing market.

      These services facilitate rapid and continuous delivery into the software development lifecycle (SDLC), while driving IT agility and performance through automation and collaboration.

      We take an incremental approach, testing out technologies, processes and practices. Once confident, we radiate the deployment automation pathway, continuous delivery, to dependent applications and then to broader programs and portfolios.

      • Streamline release management
      • Improve competitiveness by driving agility into the SDLC
      • Bring an environment into a known state using Infrastructure-as-Code


      Fast track to agile development methodology

      Our Infrastructure-as-Code Service enables you to build a requisite tool chain and delivery pipeline to manage and modernize infrastructure. We use best practices from software development and release management disciplines to achieve your business goals as efficiently as possible.

      • Drive down costs
      • Be more responsive to customer demands
      • Design system definitions and configurations in code


      Accelerate project completion, improve outcomes and enable skills

      Our Cloud Application Modernization Service for PaaS/CaaS accelerates success by pairing our experts with your application development team. Together, we assess, plan, configure, test, deploy, and transition your existing portfolio to run on Pivotal Cloud Foundry. We can also help change functional code, configuration and architecture in your IT environment.

      • Pairing experts with your staff
      • Efficiently move applications to Pivotal Cloud Foundry
      • Align with organizational goals


      Accelerating time to success when moving to a cloud native platform

      Our Solution Architect Advisory service for Pivotal Cloud Foundry pairs our experts with your delivery team. Together, we plan, implement, customize, use, and scale the platform to meet your customer’s needs.

      • Accelerate success with Pivotal Cloud Foundry
      • Expert resources available on demand
      • Skills transfer to your staff


      Extend your Microsoft Azure cloud to on-premises

      Innovate and thrive with consulting services to help get the most out of your Microsoft Azure stack. Our experts help identify the right path for your business, make sure you are prepared for your cloud, and add value to your cloud.

      • Deliver modern applications
      • Faster time to market for new applications
      • Application portability

        Software is redefining every business. Leverage these resources to streamline your cloud native journey.


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        Transform your business by reducing technical debt

        More than 80% of IT executives report improvements in productivity, quality, visibility, alignment and responsiveness with our DevOps Services. Find out how you can experience the same results.


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        Optimizing IT delivery through DevOps principles: a workshop

        Learn how to use DevOps principles and practices to improve IT delivery, from cloud to application development and everything in between.

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    • Cloud Native, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Delivery, Microservices.

      Our goal is to help IT organizations become cloud native, with the ability to deliver software consistently and reliably at scale. DevOps, continuous delivery and Microservices provide the how, why and what of cloud native.

      DevOps is how we approach the changes needed to implement a cloud-native strategy. Software is becoming cloud native to enable continuous delivery, and microservices software architecture delivers this while avoiding slow and risky deployment strategies. Infrastructure as Code allows organizations to create an end-to-end framework that maximizes the placement of application workloads.