• Application Portfolio Optimization Services

    Application Portfolio Optimization Services

    • Innovating the best cloud consumption model for application portfolios.

      Dell EMC Consulting helps you optimize your application portfolio to deliver customer solutions quickly, cost-effectively, simply and with reduced risk. Applications will be categorized for modernization, migration, retirement or retention. The application portfolio optimization services help CIOs assess their current environment, optimize it and drive results that help them attain their future vision for the organization.

    • Align applications with the right cloud consumption model



      Save cost and time when evaluating your application portfolio

      Determine optimal approach after consideration of key business, technology and financial drivers aligning your Application Portfolio with the best cloud consumption model.

      • Business classification
      • Application rationalization
      • Disposition analysis
      • Cloud suitability and selection


      Reduce risk and avoid unplanned outages

      Automated approach to discover and analyze application inventory and their interdependencies providing a comprehensive view of the application portfolio environment.

      • Determine potential risks prior to implementing changes 
      • Insight into current storage and network topologies
      • Identify optimal cloud consumption model


      Retire apps and reduce cost while preserving access to data

      We’ll help you retire your unused applications and archive the data in a centralized, searchable environment, quickly, easily, and efficiently.

      • Reduce support, maintenance, license and eDiscovery costs
      • Preserve data in a read-only repository
      • Search and access data quickly and easily


      Accelerate and de-risk application migration

      Replatform or migrate applications and associated workloads to the optimized cloud consumption model.

      • Reduce service disruption and improve availability
      • Optimize application performance
      • Free IT to work on other business critical tasks

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    • Your cloud strategy starts here

      It all begins with your application portfolio. We’ve all heard the many benefits associated with adopting cloud services as the platform for specific workloads. While in some cases, the choices are obvious, most of the time, a complex set of parameters must be evaluated to optimize the application to select its best cloud platform.

      Completing the creation of this cloud strategy is key to executing a plan that will allow your organization to adapt to a changing world, enable the elimination of technical debt and simplify complex applications & infrastructure to deliver on the promise of digital transformation. There are multiple benefits that arise, but perhaps the most important is to enable the business to capitalize on emerging revenue opportunities.


      Save from 28 to 96% on a per application basis depending on your cloud pathway.


      Pinpoint opportunities to improve speed and agility, and decrease costs and complexity from a cost-to-move analysis.


      Modernize, migrate and retire applications and advance toward your vision of IT transformation.