• Dell EMC Precision 3930 Workstation

    OEM Client Solutions

    Dell EMC OEM solutions provides the worlds most secure, reliable and trusted client platforms. Dell EMC OEM can include enterprise and client hardware, services, and the full complement of software and peripherals into your final, end-user solution. In addition to standard Dell EMC products, OEMs can leverage need-specific offerings, including unbranded products, long-life products and fully customizable products.

    • Dell-EMC-Precision-3930-1U-Rack-Workstation
  • OEM Rugged & Industrial Grade Solutions

  • OEM Product Solutions

    Build your brand on Dell EMC OEM products that accommodate lengthy development times and come readily equipped to take on some of your toughest jobs so you can focus on innovating.



      Build your brand

      Dell EMC OEM-Ready products help you build your own brand by putting your logo on our tier 1 products, BIOS, splash screen, packaging and documentation.



      Long life and stability

      Dell EMC OEM XL products provide you the opportunity to focus more time on your solution’s competitive differentiation and less on the hardware running it with extended life transitions, controlled change and visibility to changes before it occurs.


      Industry specific

      Edge ready, tough

      Dell EMC OEM Specialty products provide you real-time compute in tougher OEM environments with industry specific product attributes and certifications for: industrial automation , video security & surveillance, marine, telecommunications, and healthcare.

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