• Dell Data Security

    Security built for the modern workforce.

  • Keep workers productive and data safe

    Dell believes that both security and end user productivity should work hand in hand, without trade-offs. Dell Data Security provides security solutions that enable end users to work how and where they want - security that works with modern workforce needs.

  • Security for the modern worker

    Empower employees to work their way while protecting your data wherever it goes. Brett Hanson, Vice President of Client Software and General Manager of Data Security, shares his insights on the report and the solutions Dell provides to meet the needs of employees and IT.

  • Security should protect and enable

    Security and productivity need to co-exist as end users sometimes go around security when they can. With Dell Data Security, you can get productivity and security. Read more in the recent Forrester report, "Evolving Security to Accommodate the Modern Worker."

  • Dell Data Security

    In the workplace, data is constantly exposed and attackers are creatively trying to find their way to data and into networks. Dell’s end user data security portfolio helps mitigate risks to data.

    Dell’s end user data security portfolio consists of two pillars: Secure Data & Trusted Devices


  • Secured Data

    Data Security

    Dell Data Security delivers peace of mind for both IT and end users:

    • IT gains visibility and control through a unified management console and simplified reporting.
    • End users are able to create, use, share and store data how they need to be most productive.

    Protection, Prevention & Productivity

    • Data is protected wherever it goes, even off-domain
    • Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise prevents on average 99% of malware*
    • Dell Data security solutions help enable end user productivity
  • Trusted Devices – Product Security

    Product Security

    Even the best data is at risk if it’s not on the best hardware.

    This is the foundation upon which all data is protected. If the underlying hardware or software has a flaw, then data can be at risk.

    • Dell commercial PCs are built secure creating a trusted foundation for data security solutions.
    • Suspicious threats are alerted and addressed throughout the supply chain, enabling trusted devices to operate as intentionally designed to work: free from embedded malware or counterfeit hardware. 
  • Security Tools

    Dell Data Guardian

    To help end users to achieve maximum productivity, Dell Data Guardian provides data-centric security that follows the data. End users are able to work where and how they need to work to be productive while data is protected wherever it goes.

  • Security Tools

    Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise

    Automatic and invisible protection to prevent threats from attacking the endpoint and its data allows end users to stay productive and avoid lost time due to a system reimage or locked data (ransomware).

    • Threats are stopped before they execute.

    • Data is encrypted.

    • See what threats were stopped.