• Use of specific NASPO cooperative contracts by agencies, political subdivisions, registered non-profit organizations, and other entities (including cooperatives) authorized by an individual state's statutes to use the State of Colorado contracts, is subject to the prior approval of the respective State Chief Procurement Official. Issues of interpretation and eligibility for participation are solely within the authority of the State Chief Procurement Official (see State Participating Addendum for additional language concerning this).

      All products and services offered under the EMC Master Price Agreement number MNWNC-109 may be purchased.  Any Order placed by a Participating Entity or Purchasing Entity for a Good and/or Service available under this Master Agreement, shall be deemed to be a sale under and governed by the prices and other terms and conditions of the Master Agreement, unless the parties to the Order agree in writing that another contract or agreement applies to such Order.  Additional requirements for Orders are set forth in Section 4 Statement of Work of Exhibit A to this Addendum.  All Orders issued by Ordering Entities as defined in this Addendum shall state the State of Colorado Participating State contract number PA #20160000000000000109 and the EMC NASPO ValuePoint Master Price Agreement number MNWNC-109.  Green sales must be identified on all purchase orders (see Section 6 B). Please see Attachment A Section 15 for additional requirements for individual orders exceeding $100,000.  The term of this contract has been extended to March 31, 2020 by Amendment 2 to the Participating Addendum.

      Please see the Colorado NASPO ValuePoint MNWNC-109 Computer Equipment, Peripherals, and Related Services Participating Addendum for complete details.

    • Please contact your sales person for invoicing, billing, order tracking, and delivery questions: