• The State of Nevada has authorized all government entities within the State of Nevada including all State Agencies, the University and Community College System, the Court System, Legislative Counsel Bureau, Cities, Counties, Institutions of higher education, political subdivisions and other entities located in the State to purchase all products and services offered under the EMC Master Price Agreement number AR620. Any order placed by a Participating Entity or Purchasing Entity for a Product and or Service available from this Master Agreement shall be deemed to be a sale under (and governed by the prices and other terms and conditions) of the Master Agreement unless the parties to the Order agree in writing that another contract or agreement applies to such Order.  All purchase orders issued by purchasing entities must include the State of Nevada Participating State contract number 8229; and the EMC NASPO ValuePoint Master Price Agreement number AR620.

      On-site services requires the implementation of an independent Services Contract (template below) for each transaction.  Evaluation of Equipment requires an additional Basic Evaluation Agreement (template below) for each transaction.  Leasing is not allowed on this contract.  Please see the Nevada NASPO ValuePoint AR620 Data Communications Participating Addendum for complete details.

    • Please contact your sales person for invoicing, billing, order tracking, and delivery questions: