• Improve backup and recovery performance, reduce application impact, and lower backup and recovery costs with Dell EMC Backup Solutions for Oracle. Our solutions are integrated with Oracle data protection best practices including RMAN.


    Simplify Oracle Backup

    Backup solutions for Oracle enable you to streamline, automate, and optimize database data protection processes with Oracle-integrated deduplication backup software and systems.


    Meet Service Level Agreements

    Improve business and IT service levels for database availability and disaster recovery by improving backup and restore performance locally and off-site between data centers.


    Maximize IT Dollars

    Trim your storage budget by eliminating tape, bolster network utilization, and automate key Oracle backup and disaster recovery procedures with deduplication storage solutions.

Solution Description
  • Solution Description



    Businesses and government entities worldwide run Oracle databases to support their most mission-critical applications. Not only are these applications the least tolerant of downtime, but they also generate some of the highest growth rates.


    Organizations vary tremendously in their approaches to protecting Oracle-based data. Many IT organizations perform full Oracle backups on a nightly basis together with an incremental backup strategy. The trouble is, to meet their data recovery requirements, businesses must store their backups for 30 days or more, which over time can lead to exponential growth in disk capacity as well as challenges meeting IT- and business-driven service-level agreements (SLAs).




    Dell EMC solutions for Oracle backup make it simple and cost-effective to adopt better Oracle data protection practices.


    Dell EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems reduce the amount of storage required to retain and protect data by 10 to 30 times. Dell EMC Data Domain Boost software provides advanced integration between Data Domain systems and Oracle Recovery Manager for faster, more efficient Oracle backup and disaster recovery (DR).


    Dell EMC Avamar and Dell EMC NetWorker provide better visibility and control for databases with integrated Oracle application modules that streamline backup and recovery.


    These solutions leverage Oracle RMAN to optimize efficiency and management and provide much-needed flexibility.




    • Reduce dependence on tape
    • Reduce backup storage required by 10 to 30 times
    • Automate Oracle backup scheduling and policies
    • Perform Oracle full backups more often for faster recovery
    • Enable Oracle backups direct to disk using RMAN procedures
    • Simplify backup monitoring and troubleshooting
    • Achieve cost-effective DR and improve recovery service levels
    • Simplify and automate Oracle DR

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