• City of Virginia Beach Fulfills Technology Mission with Dell EMC

      Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure efficiently provides the city with modernized services and innovative offerings for its citizens

    • Customer

      City of Virginia Beach

    • Industry


    • Offerings

      Dell EMC Vblock Systems, Dell EMC Isilon

    • Aging IT infrastructure

      • Technology that could no longer adequately support the services of the city
      • IT architecture systems that were hard to maintain and required additional administrative overhead due to the need for different skillsets
    • Outcomes

      • Cost Savings of $6 million over a 10-year period
      • Integration of 740 applications into a single platform
      • Decrease in city data back-up time
  • Our Approach

    Converged Infrastructure Drives New Services

    The City of Virginia Beach was ready to address the constraints of the existing legacy infrastructure by implementing new technology and standardizing its infrastructure. To begin the transition to modernize their technology, the IT Department developed the City’s first-ever Master Technology Plan: a roadmap designed to provide City departments with the right technologies needed to achieve business success.

    In alignment with the Master Technology Plan’s initiative to improve infrastructure and operations, they reached out to EMC, which helped implement a Dell EMC Vblock Systems converged infrastructure and Dell EMC Isilon technologies. 

    The infrastructure combines IT components from multiple manufacturers into a single, optimized computing package, enabling Dell EMC to manage the components’ lifecycle, upgrades, testing, and certification, while freeing City engineers to focus on higher value work instead of maintaining hardware. Vblock Systems offered a building block approach that enables the City to quickly scale its infrastructure, rather than replacing components, when more processing power or storage capacity is required. With the new solution, the City of Virginia Beach has a single unified platform for its applications to scale, secure and efficiently operate. 

    • “Our mission to deliver a dynamic and evolving set of core services and innovative technologies that the citizens demand is critical. Dell EMC is helping the City of Virginia Beach achieve this mission by enabling us to develop and implement the best technology solutions to meet those demands. Vblock Systems helps make this possible by providing the agility and scalability to meet their growing data management needs and to deliver services which support the real-world needs of the community.”

      Matthew Arvay, former CIO, City of Virginia Beach, VA


    Converged systems allows for expanded capabilities:

    By modernizing its technology, the City of Virginia Beach has built the foundation to enhance operational efficiencies and provide new services. The converged systems enables the City to improve availability and reduce maintenance time while increasing performance to facilitate a range of new applications and services, including a new integrated public safety system as well as a flood sensor network designed to detect and predict flooding around roadways and bridges.

    Modernized, Forward-thinking and Sustainable Solution

    Current infrastructure is specifically designed to meet the needs of the City today, with the necessary scalability to meet the needs for future projected growth.  

    Consolidated components for compute, network and storage, reduces the City’s datacenter footprint and conserves energy. 

    Significant Cost Savings

    It is anticipated that the City will save more than $675,000 per year in maintenance, labor and power and cooling costs, while avoiding the expense of $1.2M to upgrade the legacy storage systems. The City of Virginia Beach anticipates a payback in 3.99 years and a 5-year return on investment of 25.2%.

    Reduced risk of service interruption and possible data loss

    With Dell EMC Vblock Systems, backups are reduced to only 4 hours and recent data can be recovered in minutes: greatly reducing the loss of data in the event of a disaster.  Now, the City can utilize a cloud-based backup strategy capable of replicating systems to the cloud, minimizing both data loss and restore time.