Additional flexibility and innovation for the XC Family


    As the leading hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) system sales vendor, Dell EMC offers a broad set of approaches that deliver the best fit for our customers’ unique needs. For those customers who have committed to Nutanix software or prefer a choice of hypervisor for their virtualized environments, the XC Family is an ideal solution due to its broad set of workload-tailored systems, flexible software licensing, scale-out architecture, and intuitive management console.

  • Greater flexibility with more ways to license Nutanix software

    The XC Family consists of XC Series and XC Xpress appliances and now XC Core. XC Series and Xpress appliances provide a turnkey HCI solution with global hardware and software support provided through Dell EMC in collaboration with Nutanix.

    XC Core offers customers an alternative method to acquire Nutanix software licensing while leveraging the benefits of the Dell EMC XC platform. XC Core uses the same Dell EMC hardware and software as the XC Series appliances. However, the software is licensed and supported directly by Nutanix. Support and service for XC Core hardware and system integration software are provided through Dell EMC ProSupport centers and teams located in 167 countries around the world.

    This alternative lets customers buy Nutanix software licenses from authorized partners, and then add the licenses to pre-validated XC Core systems that are configured, built and tested by Dell EMC. It enables license portability across infrastructure components and separate management and support of hardware and software lifecycles. Customers can also update the Dell EMC hardware and Nutanix software independently to take full advantage of the latest technology enhancements to the XC Family.

    The XC Family offers customers a robust and proven solution that has been optimized for Nutanix over three generations. XC Core lets customers choose the Nutanix licensing and support model that is best for their needs while still leveraging the benefits of the XC platform. These factors help make the XC Family the ideal solution for implementing HCI with Nutanix, both now and in the future.

    Configured for your needs

    Dell EMC’s 14th generation proven PowerEdge server platform is the foundation for the XC Core. XC Core systems can be configured with your choice of hypervisor, Intel™ Xeon™ processors, 1.5TB – 4TB of memory, SAS and SATA SSDs and NVMe SSDs (XC640-10, XC740xd-24 and XC940-24 only). All-flash configurations, GPU and 25 GbE networking options are available on certain models.

    The XC Core portfolio consists of:

    • XC640-4 and XC640-4i (1U/1-node) – Designed for smaller, remote, and brand office deployments, which are non mission-critical. XC640-4: 3-node cluster deployment; XC640-i: 1 node deployment.
    • XC640-10 (1U/1-node) – Optimized for compute-and performance-intensive workloads in VDI, test and development, enterprise hybrid cloud, and server virtualization.
    • XC740xd-12 (2U/1-node) – With up to 60TB per node, it’s ideal for storage-heavy applications, such as Microsoft Exchange®, SharePoint, data warehouse, and data analytics.
    • XC740xd-24 (2U/1-node) – Designed for performance-intensive applications, including Microsoft SQL Server®, and Oracle® OLTP, and other database applications.
    • XC940-24 (3U/1 node) Ideal for Memory and performance- intensive Microsoft SQL and Oracle OLTP.
    • XC6420-6 Optimized for deployments where compute and storage density is required, including software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and enterprise cloud.


    Adding value beyond the HCI software

    Dell EMC has over 10 years of experience integrating hardware and software for appliances built with PowerEdge servers, including three generations of XC Series hyper-converged infrastructure appliances. That experience enables us to develop technologies that simplify and streamline common workflows performed throughout the appliance’s lifecycle.

    XC Core benefits:

    • XC Core is based on industry-leading and proven Dell EMC PowerEdge servers that are configured and optimized for HCI and Nutanix software. The server BIOS and firmware for the XC Family are tuned and optimized for performance to run Nutanix software.
    • Software modules deliver fast and seamless deployment, 1-click software and firmware upgrades, rapid factory restore and bare metal recovery, and rich in-band hardware monitoring and management capabilities
    • Tools developed specifically for HCI simplify workflow orchestration across a cluster
    • Integrated enterprise class backup and restore capabilities with Avamar and Data Domain

    The bottom line for customers: rapid deployment, less time for routine management tasks, faster system restoration, and built-in enterprise class data protection. Why settle for anything less?