• Simplify IT infrastructure with an all-in-one converged system.

      The VxBlock System 1000 is a converged system that fully integrates best-of-breed technologies from Dell EMC, Cisco and VMware to provide one of the fastest ways to modernize and simplify your IT infrastructure. With support for all your mixed workload and data services requirements, the all-in-one engineered VxBlock 1000 helps you focus on innovation and accelerate your IT transformation.


    • Watch an announcement video about what’s new in VxBlock System converged management and automation.


      VxBlock System 1000

      The VxBlock System 1000 is the next generation of converged infrastructure, specifically designed to deliver greater business agility, improved data center efficiency and better operational simplicity; one system that offers unprecedented choice to meet all your workload requirements.

      • Mix up to five different storage types, blade and rack servers, SAN and LAN switches, and a range of data protection options
      • Rely on a trusted single point of support for all integrated technologies
      • Dramatically simplify operations with converged management, automated workflows and lifecycle assurance
      • Move to private cloud faster with the newest addition to the Dell EMC Integrated Cloud Platforms portfolio 
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    • Simplifying IT without compromise

    • By fully integrating storage, compute, network, data protection and virtualization options into one fully integrated system, the VxBlock 1000 simplifies your IT operations. The system is engineered as one based on leading architectural standards and knowledge of years of Dell EMC best practices. It is manufactured as one in an ISO-certified manufacturing plant based on a Logical Configuration Survey (LCS) in order to capture all physical and logical configuration options. The system is managed as one with converged management and simplified daily operations. It is supported as one with one-call support for all components. And the system is sustained as one with on-going, pre-tested, pre-certified upgrades.


      The VxBlock System 1000 delivers a turnkey engineered system experience designed to support all your enterprise-grade workload requirements. It has a future-proof design allowing you to add new technologies, delivers on rich storage-based data services that you have come to expect for your mission critical workloads and it enjoys the highest availability. Now you too can enjoy greater business agility, improve data center efficiency and dramatically simplify daily operations


      Business agility: Gain flexibility to mix and share the right resources and data services for the evolving needs of your applications, when they need them.


      Data center efficiency: Now you can pool your resources in a way that maximizes utilization, prevents stranded capacity and increases ROI.


      Operational simplicity: Experience a turnkey engineered system with converged management, automated administration and a simple path to cloud services, all with simplified lifecycle assured upgrades.


      Automate daily converged infrastructure operations. Deliver an even faster path to cloud.

      VxBlock Central software simplifies daily CI operations and, thanks to the VMware vRealize Orchestrator and Operations integration, you now have a simplified path to a cloud services delivery model for your converged infrastructure. Learn more from Peter Manca, SVP Solutions Engineering and GM for Converged Infrastructure at Dell EMC.


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    • VxBlock Converged Infrastructure Resources


      VxBlock Systems help improve patient outcomes

      Hear John Grieco, Chief Technology Officer of the University of Vermont Health Network, describe how IT can enable delivering optimal patient care and why he standardizes on VxBlock Systems.

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    • CUSTOMER STORY: Cianbro Corporation

      Transforming the Data Center with VxBlock

      Aware of rapidly emerging opportunities to use technology in its construction business in innovative ways, Cianbro knew that it was critical to modernize its data center.

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    • CUSTOMER STORY: Palmer College

      Unlocking IT Versatility and Value with VxBlock

      The aging IT infrastructure at Palmer College required constant maintenance and staff attention. Their move to VxBlock converged infrastructure has not only resolved all performance issues, but it has also freed staff to focus on future movement to cloud based services and strategic engagement to add services and advance college business.

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    VxBlock Overviews

      The Business Value of Modernizing Mission-Critical Applications with Dell EMC VxBlock Systems

      Dell EMC customers interviewed by IDC reported that VxBlock Systems enabled them to improve the delivery and performance of modern applications that are core to their businesses.

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      Transforming IT with VxBlock System 1000

      VxBlock Systems are uniquely engineered, manufactured, managed and sustained as one converged system. Find out what its five pillars of value can do for you.


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      Dell EMC VxBlock System 1000 Product Overview

      Learn about VxBlock 1000: what it is, its business value and its high-level technology specifications.

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    • Services & Support


      Seamless support

      We deliver a unique, seamless support experience for your VxBlock system at every level, including the integration and functioning of all components from Dell EMC, VMware and Cisco.


      Global coverage

      The Customer Care team delivers support globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our support staff is expertly trained in all aspects of the converged infrastructure.


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    • 1,2,3 IDC white paper sponsored by Dell EMC, “The Business Value of Modernizing IT with Dell EMC VxBlock Systems,” October 2017. Actual results may vary.