• Reduce costs. Improve performance. Increase agility. Forrester shows how to meet these key KPIs with modern storage solutions. After interviewing organizations using Dell EMC All-Flash storage, Forrester cites these top benefits:

    • 1

      See better application performance

      Forrester found All-Flash users reduced unacceptably high latency among key applications and took advantage of the differing performance levels to optimize their cost structures. This reduced help-desk incidents due to application outages, performance and latency issues by 90%.¹

    • 2

      Implement a flexible solution and create new revenue opportunities

      While the value of flexibility is unique to each customer, organizations that adopt flexible storage solutions often discover new business uses and revenue opportunities. One example is improving time to market for All-Flash–supported projects. Being able to quickly add and scale data capacity supports new business initiatives.

    • 3

      Avoid higher capital expenditures

      Forrester found that Dell EMC All-Flash customers reduced the total cost of investing in additional storage solutions without sacrificing performance. In fact, one organization avoided an estimated $300,000 in CAPEX expenditures related to storage hardware and $45,000 in annual storage server licensing costs.

    • 4

      Reduce operating expenses

      All-Flash customers streamlined operations and reduced labor costs associated with data migration, reporting, and addressing performance issues. Transitioning to Dell EMC All-Flash helped storage administrators manage up to 10 times more data, enabling the organization to scale more effectively.² Some even cut power and cooling costs by 85%.³

    • 5

      Reduce complexity and maintenance costs

      The report shows how All-Flash greatly simplifies storage administration compared to managing a traditional spinning disk environment – simplifying both implementation and ongoing management.

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  • Improve overall efficiency. Transform IT with All-Flash.

    To compete in the digital economy, organizations must modernize the data center while cutting costs. Start by streamlining storage and gaining improved scalability, accelerated performance and significant cost efficiencies with best-of-breed All-Flash technologies from Dell EMC and powered by Intel® Xeon® processors.