Data Lake Architecture Assessment

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What is your top business objective?

| Did You Know? A recent industry survey by ESG revealed that 48% of mid-market organizations consider big data analytics to be their most important business priority over the next 12-18 months. Source: ESG’s 2015 Midmarket Big Data Survey completed by Nik Rouda, ESG Senior Analyst published on 12/18/2015.

How much data are you managing today?

| Did You Know? Data centers across the globe are struggling to keep up with unprecedented data growth. A recent Gartner study showed that the typical storage administrator manages 344 TB of data. With data storage requirements now doubling every two years, many organizations are faced with significantly expanding their IT staff or looking for ways to manage data much more efficiently. Source: Gartner’s IT Key Metrics Data 2016: Key Infrastructure Measures: Storage Analysis: Multiyear completed by Analysts Linda Hall, Eric Stegman, Shreya Futela, and Disha Gupta published on 12/14/2015.

Which of the following statements best describes your data center infrastructure?

| Did You Know? After consolidating and standardizing on Dell EMC Isilon, Metlife Stadium was able to reduce video storage administration from five hours to five minutes per week. Source: Metlife Statium Customer Profile: “Major sports venue scores a big win for fan safety with EMC and Genetic” published in May 2015.

How many remote/branch offices do you have?

| Did You Know? When thinking about a data lake, many organizations are focused exclusively on their core data center. But for many, a large amount of data is generated, stored and managed at enterprise edge locations including remote and branch offices. For example, a recent ESG report (May 2015) showed that 61% of enterprises have 50 or more edge locations and 68% of these businesses need to manage more than 10 TB of data at each of these locations. Source: EMC Solution Overview: IsilonSD Edge: “Software-Defined Scale-Out NAS on Industry Standard Hardware for the Enterprise Edge” published in January 2016.

Are you currently leveraging cloud-based storage? (i.e., public, private, or hybrid)

| Did You Know? 50% of a company’s data and intellectual property still lives outside the data center, leaving it unprotected and open to compromise and data breaches. Source: Symantec’s 2012 State of Information Report: Digital Information Index.

What applications and workloads are you running? Select all that apply.

If you’re utilizing big data analytics, which of Dell EMC’s Big Data Analytics partners are you currently engaged with? Select all that apply.

| Did You Know? Organizations actively using big data have 50% higher revenue growth rates than those who aren’t. Source: Dell’s Global Technology Adoption Index 2015.

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Intel Inside

On Your Way To Easy Information Access

Your organization is faced with the challenge of handling large quantities of unstructured data that is growing rapidly. This data is needed for use by more employees and a wide range of applications and workloads, including data analytics, which are increasingly important for the success of your business. These challenges, along with access difficulties, are preventing your business from gaining insights and driving business actions. Increased information sharing is easy with a data lake that enables integrated, multi-protocol support, resulting in easy information access and data sharing across your enterprise.

The Core

Although you’re managing less than 50 TB today, according to IDC you could be managing over 200 TB in 5 years. Enterprise data growth is best addressed by consolidating storage into one single central repository of persistent data — a data lake — that simplifies the IT architecture, is efficient, and scales as business needs change.

Unlock Your Full Results

Ultimately, your organization’s data and technology should enable the business to do more, be more competitive, and be more successful. Achieving these goals requires a data lake architecture where data can reside at the right location for the business — whether that is in the data center, at the edge, or in the cloud.

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