Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

    The Fastest and Simplest Way to Transform IT Infrastructure

    Hyper-converged infrastructure from Dell EMC simplifies IT and delivers transformation for your organization, backed by one-call support and professional services for a vast array of use cases.

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    Software-defined storage, hyper-converged appliance engineered to reduce TCO and simplify your VMware environment.
    Ideal for any virtualized vSphere environment; supports a wide variety of use cases including mission critical applications, databases, remote and branch offices (ROBO), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and more.
    • Dramatically simplifies IT operations, accelerates time to market, and delivers incredible return on  investment
    • The only fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested VMware hyper-converged infrastructure appliance family on the market
    • 73% faster to deploy
    • 46% lower total cost of operations
    • 619% ROI over 5 years
    • Flexibility and choice to address any use case
    • Start small and grow non-distruptively up to 64 nodes
    • Powered by VMWare vSAN; jointly engineered with VMware for seamless integration
    • Multiple node types and configuration options to best match workload requirements
    • Mission-critical availability - 99.9999% uptime
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    vSAN Ready Nodes

    Hyper-converged infrastructure for VMware vSAN that combines a wide-range of Dell EMC hardware with VMware vSAN software in a validated, ready-to-order package.
    Ideal for customers looking for vSAN-based solutions for their data center and client virtualization and want the simplicity of using nodes validated for vSAN, but have unique requirements, standards, or processes for configuration and installation that they prefer.
    • Maximize choice, reduce project risk, and lower total cost of ownership of your software defined storage
    • Speed time to value
    • Start small and grow non-disruptively up 64 nodes
    • Custom tailor configurations to perfectly match your specific workload requirements
    • Combines industry-leading Dell EMC PowerEdge servers with VMware software in a hyper-converged node
    • Allows for creation of configurations perfectly tailored for specific workloads
    • BOSS or SD card boot options
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    VxRack System FLEX

    Rack-scale, hyper-converged system that creates a flexible, open, and heterogeneous foundation for delivering IaaS at scale.
    Ideal for companies looking to start small and grow to data center scale in flexible, discrete increments. Powered by PowerEdge servers, this turnkey solution offers choice of hypervisor (including vSphere) or the option of bare metal to support a wide range of use cases.
    • Standardized and repeatable networking
    • 2.5X more IOPS
    • 30% lower TCO
    • 82% decrease in deployment time
    • Start small and grow to web-scale
    • Tiering, multi-tenancy, snapshots, fault set domains, storage QoS, in-flight checksum, and instant maintenance mode
    • HCI/single-layer architecture to modernize your data center with greater efficiency
    • Two-layer model, giving flexibility to manage infrastructure independently
    • Application-integrated no-impact copy services
    • Unmatched data efficiency services
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    VxRack System SDDC

    Turnkey, fully integrated rack-scale hyper-converged system to easily stand up a complete VMWare-based cloud infrastructure environment.
    Ideal for those seeking a complete VMware-based cloud infrastructure at scale. Easily created a foundation for VMware private cloud, fully integrated with VMware vSphere, vSAN, and NSX, and new VMware SDDC Manager for single pane of glass management.
    • Accelerates time to value for VMware
    • Integrated Rack-Scale Fabric for extreme scalability
    • Simple to deploy, manage, and sustain
    • The only rack-scale HCI solution co-designed with VMware
    • Fully integrated turnkey VMware SDDC solution with managed physical and virtual infrastructure
    • Engineered with automation and services extensions
    • Easily deploy a modern next-generation data center with VMware vSphere, VMware NSX, VMware vSAN, and VMware SDDC Manager
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    XC Series

    Integrates PowerEdge servers and Nutanix software in hyper-converged appliances tailored for specific use cases, with hypervisor choice.
    Ideal for those seeking to deploy Nutanix software on industry-leading Dell EMC hardware, configured to take on a wide range of use cases, including remote branch office deployments, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, VDI, Oracle OLTP, and more.
    • 51% less time for ongoing management
    • 61% lower cost of operations
    • 99% less unplanned downtime
    • Combines Dell EMC 14th generation PowerEdge servers with Nutanix software to offer a versatile and scalable hyper-converged (HCI) platform
    • Choice of hypervisors and fast deployment for all virtualized workloads
    • Eliminates need for overprovisioning and capital expenditures by offering a linear and predictable scale-out expansion and pay-as-you-grow flexibility.
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    XC Xpress

    Hyper-converged infrastructure custom tailored to meet he needs and budgets of small-to-midsize businesses, backed by Microsoft Azure Backup & Recovery and PowerEdge servers.
    Ideal for smaller IT organizations looking for a simple, reliable, and affordable “out of the box” infrastructure solution that combines server, storage, virtualization, and cloud backup into a single affordable appliance.
    • Deploy an XC Xpress cluster in minutes, without the need for external services or specialized resource
    • Enhanced data protection is built-in
    • Simple. fast, and efficient infrastructure backed by 24x7 support
    • Includes Microsoft Azure Backup Service, providing backup and recovery for mission-critical data
    • Streamlined set of feature designed for small and mid-sized businesses
    • Enterprise class storage such as deduplication, compression, cloning, and tiering in a resilient self-healing cluster
    • Simplified infrastructure management by combining Nutanix Prism with Dell EMC iDRAC
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