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IT Operating Model

Create the IT processes, roles and services to make the most of your infrastructure investment.

Whether you’re simplifying IT operations with converged or hyper-converged infrastructure, or planning a larger IT transformation like moving to private or hybrid cloud, you need to be ready to operate in your new environment.

What processes will you need to manage both service delivery and the infrastructure? How should you organize and structure your team? What new roles and skills will you need? What services should you initially offer, and how can you make it easy for end users to find, request and consume those services?

Dell EMC Services has a broad portfolio of consulting services that can help you get up and running, and drive maximum business value from your infrastructure. Our experts can define and implement processes to automate, support and maintain your IT operations. We can define the roles and skills you need to manage the infrastructure and organize around delivering services.

We will work with you to develop a service strategy, and define the services you need to provide complete with service tiers, pricing and SLAs.

We organize the services in a service catalog, and deliver them through a self-service portal with automated approval routing and resource provisioning for faster consumption.

We can also determine detailed service costs and usage, enabling appropriate service pricing and communication of service costs based on actual consumption.

By adopting a new approach to IT operations, an approach that focuses on end-to-end service delivery and provides a compelling consumption experience for your end users, you can drive adoption and consumption across the business and accelerate business outcomes.