• Drive digital transformation on and off campus

      Higher education institutions can drive innovation and digital transformation at every level, from classrooms, to research labs, to administrative offices.

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    • Drive Innovation at every level from classroom, to campus, to off campus environments

      • Our IT solutions for higher education help create learning spaces that improve student engagement and drive innovative teaching practices
      • Dell EMC learning and education technologies can help IT leaders do more with less by simplifying platforms
    • Drive innovation and digital transformation for higher education

      Higher Education institutions that use Dell EMC solutions drive innovation and student engagement with simplified platforms.

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      Customer Story: Texas A&M

      VR creative production with Dell workstations

      Texas A&M students and faculty are pushing virtual reality’s creative limits, using Dell Precision mobile workstations to save rendering time and demo their work at conferences and shows.

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      Customer Story: Murray State University

      Dell Precision Workstations Improve Application Performance for Students

      Murray State University utilizes Dell Precision workstations for its engineering program to provide application performance for student designs, simulations and analysis, streamlining their projects and preparing them for their future.

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      Customer Story: University of Arkansas at Little Rock

      Prepare students for AR and VR careers

      The Emerging Analytics Center at the University of Arkansas Little Rock uses Dell Precision workstations and the Dell Canvas to educate and train students for careers in augmented and virtual reality.

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      Customer story: Drexel University

      Creative production’s new workforce is coming

      Students in digital animation, visual effects and virtual reality at Drexel University’s ACE-Lab can learn more creatively and quickly using advanced hardware and powerful graphics tools.

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      Customer Story: University of Arkansas

      Transforming the campus through desktop virtualization

      The University of Arkansas cuts support costs and enables access to applications anytime, anywhere and on any device with a Dell EMC virtual desktop infrastructure.

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      Customer Story: University of Massachusetts Lowell

      Dell and VMware virtual desktops enhance educational experiences

      University of Massachusetts Lowell improves students’ educational experience, minimizes their capital costs, and simplifies growth with virtual desktops from Dell and VMware.

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      Austin Community College provides an educational gateway for all learners

      See how the college’s ACCelerator enables individualized education with large increases in success rates, student persistence and attendance. Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and Dell Wyse thin clients power this highly adaptable learning environment.

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    Learning Resources

      Expanding horizons of augmented and virtual reality

      Learn how educational facilities are committing vast resources and creating new curricula and programs to teach and research AR and VR solutions.

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      AR/VR Infographic

      Higher education today is inconceivable without augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

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      VDI Complete Solutions

      An easier way to buy and support virtual desktops and apps.

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      Dell EMC vSAN Ready Nodes

      Reduce project risk and improve storage efficiency with a VMware vSAN building scalable block.

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      VMware Horizon 7

      VMware Horizon® 7 delivers virtualized or hosted desktops and applications through a single platform to end users.

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      Immersive Learning Infographic

      Immersive Learning: Preparing Students for the Emerging Immersive Workplace.


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      The State of Virtual Reality in College

      Immersive technologies - VR, AR and industry-grade tools - empower students to learn by doing.

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