Choose DELL EMC XtremIO, the world’s #1 all-flash array to transform your data center and transform your business.

    Watch the video to learn more about DELL EMC IT’s implementation of XtremIO flash technology and the benefits you can get from all-flash arrays. These include balanced performance, simple provisioning, a suite of powerful features, as well as database consolidation and improved response times.

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  • Moving to XtremIO

    Every DBA faces a challenge: the business wants better, faster data performance to drive better faster decisions, and management wants to lower costs and increase ROI all while expecting more agile DBAs. Faced with these challenges, DELL EMC’s IT organization moved from a hybrid array of spinning and solid state drives to adopt  DELL EMC XtremIO, a powerful all-flash array. The result was fast balanced performance and a smaller database footprint, as well as lower power and cooling costs.


    Benefits of XtremIO all-flash storage

    With XtremIO all-flash storage you get storage arrays which are amazingly fast. In addition, you’ll have predictable and balanced performance, always-on data reduction, data protection, encryption, simple storage provisioning, and more.

    • “The all-flash array improved database performance in a big way, with 17.5% faster response times for normal workloads, and 22% faster response times for heavy workloads.”