Learn about the agile data centre and XtremIO - the world's #1 all-flash storage array.

  • XtremIO: flash storage that unlocks innovation and agility

    Your data center struggles with competing requirements from your lines of business and the finance, security and IT departments. While some executives want to lower cost and increase efficiency, others want business growth and responsiveness.

    But today, most data center teams are just trying to keep up with application service levels, complex workflows, and sprawling infrastructure and support costs. 

    If this seems familiar to you, data storage is likely a bottleneck in your business. There’s a solution. With XtremIO all-flash storage arrays, you can have a dynamic data services platform.

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  • An agile data center that moves as fast as your business

    In IT circles, agility is a common but elusive goal, especially when you are managing initiatives such as private/hybrid cloud, Database-as-a-Service, VDI or broad consolidation for Oracle, SAP and Microsoft applications. To be agile in a complex environment, your storage must be able to consolidate workloads, eliminate storage "sprawl", and automate storage and application processes.

    Only XtremIO offers these capabilities in an all-flash storage array. And with them comes a new world of possibilities that have never been attainable until now.

    Top use cases for XtremIO all-flash storage arrays

    Many XtremIO customers combine multiple mixed workloads in their agile data centers. Every day, XtremIO customers are discovering new use cases and solution areas for flash technology.

    • Private/Hybrid cloud and mixed workloads

    • Databases and analytics

    • Software DevOps

    • Enterprise Business Applications

    • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

    • Microsoft Exchange Server

    • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)


    With the combination of XtremIO’s unique scale-out all-flash architecture, data reduction and copy services, you get the IOPS, bandwidth and effective capacity required to safely consolidate all the database and analytics workloads across your data center, with consistent sub-millisecond latencies to meet all SLAs. And that’s just the beginning. With these powerful copy services, your teams can deploy as many copies as frequently as they want, with on-demand reporting and ETLS for real-time analytics. The result is not only dramatically simplified infrastructure at much lower cost, but true workflow agility across the entire database lifecycle and all the downstream applications that rely on it.


    XtremIO’s flexible private cloud platform allows you to consolidate applications and data, providing consistent and predictable scale-out performance for all workloads and all end users.

    XtremIO supercharges virtualization and DevOps initiatives. We bring new capabilities to your software Platforms, such as rapid VM cloning and recycling, and deliver optimal, dynamically responsive programmable and automated Continuous Development processes.

    In addition, database-as-a-service, Sap-as-a-service, and all application-as-a-Service workflows are easier and more scalable, agile and cost-effective than you ever thought possible.


    Flash storage is much more than just accelerating a siloed workload. It’s about consolidating many applications throughout their production and nonproduction lifecycles in the most agile and efficient storage infrastructure model ever. And with the ability to expand your scale-out array on-demand, with no application downtime, you can multiply your workloads organically and consolidate additional workflows as they arise. At last, there is a truly future-proof storage option that doubles the storage lifecycle.

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    • "I've never seen anything in the IT world set up so easily. Our team had the whole array set up in 30 minutes. And in under an hour, we were deploying (VDI) desktops to the array running at 42,000 IOPS…There are few things in history that have a significant impact on advancing technology. I see XtremIO as one of those technologies,"

      Craig Englund