• Announcing PowerMax 8000 and VMAX All Flash updates plus Storage Class Memory options for PowerMax

      • The industry's first storage array to ship with Storage Class Memory for persistent storage
      • More configuration flexibility for mixed mainframe and non-mainframe systems
      • zDP enhancements add flexibility and improve data protection, including a 4x increase in "on demand" Snapsets
      • Dynamic Volume Expansion in selected GDDR environments for greater flexibility in expanding volumes
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    • Announcing Disk Library for mainframe (DLm) Release 5.1

      DLm makes synchronous tape and cloud a mainframe reality, enabling organizations to:

      • Consolidate data
      • Eliminate costly storage silos
      • Modernize storage infrastructure to support digital transformation
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    • Dell EMC Mainframe Services and Solutions

      Dell EMC offers a comprehensive suite of mainframe solutions and services to provide the connectivity, storage, data protection and automation for your business backed by nearly 30 years of expertise.

    • Mainframe Storage with DASD

      Disk Library mainframe (DLm)


      Dell EMC DLm 8500 R5.1 provides massive scalability, enhanced cloud integration and enterprise-class data protection and security to support a wide range of mainframe workloads.

      • PowerMax 8000 storage for synonymous all-flash virtual tape and Universal Data Consistency
      • Simplify cloud for long term retention using ECS to eliminate physical tape
      • 5th generation virtual tape for HSM, batch, backup, transactional processing
      • Market-leading capacity and replication plus data deduplication
      • Multi-client support and storage sharing with distributed systems
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    • Direct Access Storage Device – Storage for Mainframes

      PowerMax DASD for Mainframe


      • PowerMax SCM, powered by dual port Intel® Optane™ technology, delivers up to 50% better response times compared with SAS flash (NAND), and is available in 750GB and 1.5TB drive capacities.
      • New Single SRP and 20% smaller starting capacity for systems with non-mainframe and mainframe workloads
      • Up to 15 million IOPS and 50% better response times1 with 2x better rack density2 and up to 40% lower power consumption3
      • Flashboost can significantly improve the performance of high demand, read-intensive workloads
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    • Mainframe Storage with Direct Access Storage Device

      Connectrix FICON Directors for Mainframe


      Provide built-in high availability, maximum scalability and unmatched reliability.

      • Delivers high performance to keep pace with all-flash storage environments
      • 32 to 768 mission-critical ports
      • Supports Control Unit Port (CUP)
      • FICON Cascading
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    • Direct Access Storage Device for Mainframe Data Storage

      Geographically Dispersed Disaster Restart (GDDR)


      GDDR - Your emergency business continuity button.

      • Automated disaster recovery protection
      • Monitors, reacts to, and automates planned AND unplanned DR events
      • Supports mixed z/OS AND distributed systems
      • Minimal setup and customization
      • Automates both DASD and tape DR
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    • Why Dell EMC for Mainframe

      Dell EMC PowerMax 8000 is powerful, simple, and trusted storage without compromise.  It is built for the mission-critical mainframe applications of today and tomorrow with end-to-end NVMe, next gen storage media (SCM) and, for non-mainframe data in the same array, inline deduplication and compression. Additionally, PowerMax delivers key features and IBM compatible data services for mainframe.  DLm release 5.1 takes its place in Dell EMC's history of innovation with synonymous tape, cloud simplification and protection of the most critical component of your mainframe investment: the data. Dell EMC made virtual tape more affordable by introducing data deduplication and storage sharing.

    • Essential Resources

      Resources for Mainframe Solutions

    DLm Documentation

      Dell EMC DLm Cloud Storage for Data Protection and Long-Term Retention

      Read the overview of available options for replacing physical tape with cloud storage.

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      DLm Transforms Mainframe Tape

      Read about the business value and technical benefits of replacing existing tape with Dell EMC DLm.

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      Dell EMC DLm product overview

      This white paper discusses the benefits of Disk Library for mainframe (DLm), as the ideal mainframe tape replacement solution in terms of scalability and performance.

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      DLm Data Sheet

      Read about the features of this virtual library for all mainframe tape use cases

      Download Data Sheet

      DLm Spec Sheet

      Review the technical specifications for the Dell EMC Disk Library for mainframe.

      Download Tech Specs

      Disk Library for Mainframe 5.1 Introduction Video

      Watch this video to learn more about DLm 8500 R5.1

      Watch Video
    PowerMax Documentation

      PowerMax Data Sheet

      Read Dell EMC PowerMax family: Redefining Modern Storage

      Download Data Sheet

      PowerMax Spec Sheet

      Read the specification sheet for PowerMax 2000 & 8000 arrays.

      Read the Spec Sheet

      Whitepaper: Dell EMC Mainframe Technology

      A product-by-product overview of Dell EMC’s unique technology applied to mainframe storage.

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      Whitepaper: VMAX All Flash Features for Mainframe

      Review and compare features for mainframe environments.

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      Data Protector for Z Systems (ZDP) Essentials

      This white paper describes Data Protector z Systems (zDP) features and functionality for the VMAX 950F for mainframe.

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      Whitepaper: Dell EMC Advanced Copy Services for Mainframe

      This white paper introduces Dell EMC’s mainframe copy services: Compatible Peer & Compatible Native Flash for Mainframe with guidelines on use with GDPS.

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    • 1Based on Dell EMC internal analysis of Max IO/s Per Second (Within a single array) for the PowerMax 8000, July 2019.

      2Based on Dell EMC internal analysis comparing maximum capacity per floor tile of the PowerMax 8000 against the VMAX 950F, March 2018.

      3Based on Dell EMC internal analysis, March 2018, comparing the PowerMax 8000 against the VMAX 950F. Actual power savings will vary.