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    Transform IT with the #1 servers4

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    Server innovation accelerates IT Transformation.

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    Scalable Business Architecture

    Maximize performance across the widest range of applications with highly scalable architectures and flexible internal storage.


    Intelligent Automation

    Automate the entire server lifecycle from deployment to retirement with embedded intelligence that dramatically increases your productivity.

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    Integrated Security

    Protect your customers and your business with a deep layer of defense built into the hardware and firmware of every server.

      #1 in servers by unit sales4

      10x more IOPS in a vSAN cluster2
    Up to 50%% more VDI users per server1
    Up to 90% easier issue resolution5

    See why Dell EMC PowerEdge servers featuring Intel® Xeon® Platinum processors are #1 in the industry.4

    View the complete portfolio below.

    PowerEdge R740XD

    Rack Servers

    Meet changing demands and drive business success with flexible, scalable platforms adaptable to any workload. PowerEdge rack servers are designed with carefully balanced resources to maximize performance.

    • World record in SAP HANA® performance6
    • Widest range of in-server storage options ever in PowerEdge servers
    • Industry’s first dual RAID backplane flex zoning with SSDs and HDDs (R730xd)
    Up to 250% more bandwidth6
    Up to 9.7x throughput7
    Up tp 50% more VDI users1
    PowerEdge FC640/FD332

    Modular Infrastructure

    Precisely tailor, quickly deploy and easily manage your infrastructure while lowering your operating costs with flexible PowerEdge compute, networking and storage modules.

    • FX architecture — the most dense 2-socket and 4-socket solution in the industry
    • VRTX — PowerEdge blades and flexible storage in a rackable or tower platform
    • M1000e — modular blade enclosure with shared power, cooling, networking and management
    Up to 288 cores in 2U
    (8xFC430 in
    FX2 chassis)
    Up to 6TB memory
    (4xFC630 in
    FX2 chassis)
    Up to 120TB sharable storage

    Tower Servers

    Powerful, efficient and versatile PowerEdge towers are designed to grow with your organization, at your pace.

    • Flexible configurations with large internal capacities
    • Broad portfolio for SOHO, ROBO and SMB markets
    • Rackable for continued use as companies grow
    Up to 4 GPUs
    Up to 1.5TB memory
    Up to 180TB capacity
    PowerEdge T630

    Systems Management Software

    Take control and automate the full IT lifecycle with the OpenManage portfolio. Increase the productivity, reliability and cost effectiveness of your servers while making IT operations more efficient.

    • Anytime, anywhere server management and monitoring on almost any device
    • Leverage existing management consoles with easy integrations for VMware vSphere®, Microsoft® System Center and Nagios®
    99% faster
    Up to 90% easier issue
    14 fewer steps
    to setup9

    Ready Nodes

    Maximize choice, reduce project risk and lower total cost of ownership of your software-defined storage environment.

    VMware vSAN Ready Nodes

    VMware vSAN software-defined storage on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers.

    ScaleIO Ready Nodes

    Combining high-performance PowerEdge servers and the software-defined block storage capabilities of Dell EMC ScaleIO.

    Data Center Infrastructure

    Simplify management of critical infrastructure in and around your data center with Dell EMC Data Center Infrastructure solutions.

    • Deploy server, storage and networking equipment in versatile rack enclosures
    • Manage various local and remote servers with keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) and keyboard/monitor/mouse (KMM) solutions
    • Deliver reliable power and protect IT equipment with intelligent uninterruptible power supplies
      (Dell EMC Smart‑UPS)

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    See how PowerEdge servers meet modern CIO challenges

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    Your foundation for IT Transformation

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    IDC: 4 business benefits of regular server refreshes

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    Customer Stories

    Honeywell Process Solutions

    Honeywell has worked with Dell EMC to deliver its next-generation process control solution based on the Dell EMC PowerEdge FX modular architecture and VMware vSAN software-defined storage.

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    Customer Stories

    Helping TACC take charge of big data analytics

    Discover how the Texas Advanced Computing Center uses the superior big data processing and analytics performance of PowerEdge servers to manage high volumes of complex research.

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    Find out which PowerEdge solution is right for you.

    Transforming IT with PowerEdge technology can lead to questions.
    Contact a Dell EMC specialist below for answers:

    1 Dell EMC Engineering has tested and approved a maximum of 3 NVIDIA® GPUs in the 14G R740xd server compared to 2 GPUs in 13G R730 server. The NVIDIA Tesla® M10 GPU Accelerator supports up to 64 users per GPU board. For more information: http://images.nvidia.com/content/tesla/pdf/188359-Tesla-M10-DS-NV-Aug19-A4-fnl-Web.pdf

    2 Principled Technologies (PT) commissioned by Dell EMC performed Iometer testing comparing R720 servers with HDD-based EqualLogic shared storage versus R740xd servers with Internal NVMe and SAS SSD disks in a 2-node vSAN cluster. Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage and manufacturing variability.

    3 Microsoft SQL Server 2016 users can see dramatic overall speed increases by leveraging PowerEdge 14G and NVDIMM-N modules for 2 to 4x faster (and safer) transaction log writes. Based on Dell EMC internal analysis, April 2017.

    4 IDC WW Quarterly Server Tracker, 2016 Q4 historical release, March 1, 2017. Dell leads the WW x86 Server unit volume with share of 21.0% over HPE units volume share of 20.5%. On a share basis, this is considered a statistical tie for #1, within 50 bps.

    5 Based on Sep 2015 Principled Technologies Test Report commissioned by Dell, “Resolving Server Problems with Dell ProSupport Plus and SupportAssist”. Actual results will vary. Full report: http://facts.pt/1P56lW0

    6 ScaleIO with 14th-generation Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 increases max bandwidth 250% to 10GB/Sec. per node. Based on Dell EMC internal analysis, April 25, 2017.

    7 Principled Technologies (PT) commissioned by Dell EMC performed Iometer testing to compare the sequential read performance of an R720 server equipped with internal 10k HDDs versus an R740xd server equipped with internal SAS SSD disks. Actual performance will vary based on configuration, usage and manufacturing variability.

    8 Based on Principled Technologies report, “Simplifying Systems Management with Dell OpenManage on 13G Dell PowerEdge Servers,” commissioned by Dell, testing Dell’s 13th-generation R730 with Enterprise-level Dell systems management, August 2014.

    9 QuickSync 2 technology and OpenManage Mobile for new 14G Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 reduced initial setup process by 14 steps compared to using a manual method. A 26% savings. Principled Technologies (PT) commissioned by Dell EMC tested and documented the steps required May 2017.