• Leading-edge process control and measurement


      Resources & Assets

      Manage resources and increase asset utilization. Track your assets more precisely and increase utilization through digitally driven asset management.


      Operations & Product

      Optimize operations and product yields, such as bi-directional asset communication, predictive maintenance and supply chain management.

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      Expand services with additional information or use of a product, asset or services, or by extending remote or digital services.

    Transform your business


      Building Automation and Smart Cities

      Working with innovators and leaders like KMC Controls, ThingWorx and Riptide, Dell EMC helps create solutions for commercial HVAC, water and waste management, smart cities, efficient traffic flow, and more.


      Industrial Controls and Manufacturing

      Dell EMC enables factory floor, machine-to-machine network protocols and other industrial systems. 


      Fleet Management Logistics

      Dell EMC systems can help manage and control vehicles and assets through embedded sensors and telematics. Improve security, efficiency, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance with fleet management, shipping logistics and more by harnessing the power of the Internet.

  • OEM Solutions for Industrial Automation in Action

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