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    Midmarket PC Solutions
    PC solutions

    Designed for success

    We offer award-winning devices built for the way you work. With the most manageable and secure commercial PCs1 and performance-enhancing accessories, there are no limits to what your organization can achieve.

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    up to
    saving on PC lifecycle management2
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    monitor brand3
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    Give your team ultimate mobility and productivity with this 13" business-class PC.

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    This 12.5" mobility tool connects everyone with confidence thanks to advanced security features.

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    Even the smallest workspace can be hugely productive. This micro-sized, high-performance desktop is so small you hardly know it’s there.

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    Maintain control of your fleet with the most versatile and scalable thin client yet.

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    Midmarket PC Solutions

    Prepare for growth with scalable solutions

    Deploy applications faster and more efficiently with the right IT infrastructure that scales and adapts to your needs

    lower SQL query response time with PowerEdge R7404
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    average ROI
    over 5 years5
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    VxRail delivers simplicity and 6x average ROI over five years.5 Enjoy total, end-to-end lifecycle management and a whole new level of simplicity with extreme automation.

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    Maximize the value of your storage investments and get the lowest cost/GB6 with intelligent data reduction, advanced auto-tiering and more.

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    Applications perform at the highest level thanks to the optimal combination of accelerator cards, storage and compute power in a 2U, 2-socket platform.

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    Midmarket Security Solutions

    Data stays protected. Employees stay productive.

    With data security and protection solutions that can scale to businesses of any size, you’ll be able to identify and prevent threats, assure business continuity and keep everyone confident.

    Purpose-Built Backup Appliance (PBBA)7
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    of malware prevention with SafeData8
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    Data Protection

    Dell Data Guardian

    Advanced data security encrypts data wherever it goes, while all usage is controlled, monitored and easy to locate and access.

    Dell Encryption Enterprise

    Multiple encryption options meet your needs by protecting data at rest and enabling compliance with data security regulations.

    Prevent Threats

    Dell Threat Defense

    AI technology sees and stops threats before they happen. With Threat Defense you can prevent an average of 99% of malware8 so your team can work without disruptions.

    Dell EMC SonicWall Firewalls

    This simple-to-deploy security appliance offers cloud based multi-layered security to prevent ransomware effectively.

    Ensure Continuity

    Dell Data Domain

    The number one purpose-built backup appliance9 gives you industry-leading deduplication, scalability and cloud-ready storage protection at a lower cost.

    Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) DP4400

    IDPA offers a tailor-made 2U converged appliance with the ideal balance of simplicity and power at the lowest cost to protect.9 Safeguard up to 4X more data10 with an average 55:1 deduplication rate11 and up to 2X faster backup10.


    Innovate and extend your IT team

    Best-in-class services for your IT team means you can get systems up and running fast and resolve issues even faster. From refreshing your PC fleet to modernizing your entire infrastructure, we have a plan for it.

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    faster time to deploy with ProDeploy Plus for Enterprise12
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    faster to resolve server issues with ProSupport Plus with SupportAssist13
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    Services for infrastructure

    ProSupport Plus for Enterprise

    Avoid problems before they happen, with proactive monitoring, automated issue detection and predictive analysis failure detection.14

    ProDeploy Plus for Enterprise

    Experience the market’s most complete enterprise deployment offer, from start to finish.15 Reduce technical support contacts by up to 49% with ProDeploy Enterprise Suite.16

    Services for client devices

    ProSupport Plus for Client

    Experience one of the most complete support services that combines priority access to experts, accidental damage repair, and proactive monitoring with automatic issue prevention.

    ProDeploy Plus for Client

    Get new business PCs up and running faster from factory to desk—all with less IT effort. Reduce PC deployment time by up to 56%.17

    PC as a Service

    PC as a Service (PCaaS) combines hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing18 into one all-encompassing solution. We work with you to put the best refresh strategy in place and give you the confidence that you will have everything you need when you need it to keep your end users happy and productive.

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    A single, predictable price per seat per month

    Unique and tailored plans

    The latest PC technology

    3-4 year terms for PC refresh19

    Mid Market resources

    Digital transformation

    New digital capabilities will transform how mid market organizations perform, but this change depends on a strong IT foundation.

    Defending your digital business

    Security threats are constantly evolving, and mid market organizations need a partner to support and secure their IP.

    Improving IT productivity

    Limited IT staff resources could have a dramatic impact on the financial success of mid market organizations.

    Let’s get started

    We offer a variety of ways to easily purchase mid market products, solutions and services.

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    Shop in a tailored and customizable site that streamlines technology purchasing and frees your IT staff to focus on the bigger picture. Dell Premier transforms the way you purchase IT with automated and self-service routines while keeping mid market consultants close by for any help you need.

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    Purchasing your business-ready solutions and services is easy and affordable, with special savings at every level. Shop with better pricing and access to exclusive offers found only through the Dell PremierSelect website, exclusive for mid market customers.

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    1 Based on Dell internal analysis, August 2017.

    2 Based on Dell’s PC Lifecycle Services Estimator tool developed by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Dell and Intel®, May 2018. Estimated savings is calculated over 3 years and includes hardware, software, services and other resource adjustments across PC lifecycle management. For more information, visit: https://tools.totaleconomicimpact.com/go/dell/pclifecycle/index.html

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    4 Dell EMC PowerEdge 14th Generation R740 decreased Average Query Response Time per second by 50% compared to 13th Generation R730 with similar Unity Storage. Based on a Dell EMC Engineering study using the TPC-E benchmark to test Microsoft SQL Server 2016, August 2017. Actual performance will vary.

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    6 Dell internal analysis, April 2017. Net effective capacity after 5:1 data reduction including 5 years of 7x24x4hour on-site support as compared to other midrange storage from major-vendors. Customer’s price may vary based on a variety of circumstances and data should be used for comparison purposes. Based on US cost per GB.

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    18 Flexible financing available for custom orders >150 units. Terms subject to credit approval and documentation provided by and acceptable to Dell Financial Services.

    19 Terms subject to credit approval and documentation provided by and acceptable to Dell Financial Services.